The Department of Building Inspection and City Planning has started investigating the giant ‘X’ sign installed on 28 July 2023. The sign was installed on top of the downtown building where the headquarters of Twitter is located.

It is another step in the haphazard rebranding of the social media platform Twitter Musk. The signage was yet another way of establishing the changes that Musk has planned for Twitter; it seems like he failed again!

The state Department of Building Inspection and City Planning received 24 complaints throughout the weekend regarding the structure, which was not permitted. The complaints are mostly based on illumination and structural safety; hence, the bright flash of the sign ‘X’ was removed.

Residents were informed that the bright flashing lights from the sign were disturbing at night. Apart from the safety issues, the issue of the sign has created a commotion for the building owner, which Twitter has rented.

A representative from the office of ‘X’ has informed the building inspector that it is a “temporary lighted sign for an event.”!

Initially, construction has been going on in the building for the past week due to the removal of the iconic blue bird Twitter logo. The work was already stagnating and was put on hold because the company needed the necessary permits.

Due to the sign take down, only the “er” of “Twitter” was up before the abrupt installation for a certain period. The chaotic ways of rebranding and advertising have impacted others in the process.

It is clear that the rebranding process by Musk is quite abrupt as the sign ‘X’ has not completely been integrated across the social media platform site and app of Twitter. There are remnants of the previous Twitter, logos, design, and more.

Patrick Hannan, the agency communications director, informed us that the building inspectors were observing the structure, which was being dismantled this morning!

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