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Kanye West Has Created Controversy With His Antisemitic Lyrics In Song “Vulture Rave”!

author-img By sagnika sinha 5 Mins Read December 13, 2023

Kanye West Has Created Controversy With His Antisemitic Lyrics In Song “Vulture Rave”!

At the Art Basel art festival in Miami, West came to the event wearing a face-covering garment and later changed into another outfit. The outfit is a black KKK hood, which has sparked further controversy regarding his perception of black people.

He initiated another controversy when he appeared on the stage while listening to the song “Vulture” lyrics! In the song, some lines ask, “How I’m antisemitic? I just F**ked a Jewish B*tch.” The poems themselves are quite controversial, and it is not something that West has done for the first time!

Another song, “Black Skinhead” by Kanye West, also has KKK, thus using it as a source for his art. The concept of black hoods used in the song was similar to the one used by West on the rave.

The song was released after the Israel-Hamas conflict was already on its way, so it further adds to the controversy! Even last year, West got involved in the antisemitic dispute, which led to him getting off from Brand sponsorships, Adidas, for example.

Ultimately, the issue went so far that brands such as Balenciaga, Gap, and Foot Locker also distanced themselves from the rapper celebrity. There is no hint of an apology, nor does he seem apologetic; instead, he has doubled down on his statements.

Another significant talent agency, CAA, also disconnected with West last year. The problematic remarks of West have led to a lot of business shortcomings and failures because he doesn’t seem to be regretful of his position; instead, he carries on with his antisemitic comments.

One of the major reasons why West has become so popular is because of these well-known brands. The major brands responsible for his wealth have mostly cut their ties because he shows no sign of guilt. Are you a fan of West, go ahead How Tall Is Kanye to know more?

West has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder condition even though he has never taken any medication, which he has publicly announced! So, his uncanny behavior can be termed weirdness, especially when he shows extreme behavior.

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