Mitchel Musso got arrested on Saturday for acting belligerent after being drunk in public and alleged theft from the food market! He is popular for playing the “Oliver Oken” role in the series Hannah Montana produced by Disney!

Musso was jailed in Rockwall, TX, on Saturday evening after guests at the nearby hotel complained about his public shouting and behavior. The call came from the hotel, and when the local authorities arrested him, he was under the influence.

According to the report by TMZ, there are several charges based on which Musso was arrested. He was charged with public intoxication, expired registration, violating a promise to appear notice, theft of under $100, and failing to display his driver’s license. The outstanding traffic warrants were later discovered!

The allegation against him concerning the theft was that he was trying to steal a bag of potato chips! According to the outlet staff, when Musso took the bag of chips, he was asked to pay, leading to him becoming verbally abusive towards them and walking off!

The authorities caught up with the American actor and singer outside his hotel. After he was taken to jail, he was then released on a bond of $1000. It doesn't look good for his official impression and impact as a public figure.

For four seasons, Musso has successfully played the role of Oliver, the best friend of Hannah Montana, the protagonist of the popular teen movie played by Miley Cyrus. Later he has also reprised his role in Hannah Montana: The Movie.

Further, he has also starred in a series by DisneyXD called Pair of Kings for two consecutive seasons. The actor had also given his voice for the animated series Phineas and Ferb for the role of Jeremy Johnson.The actor did have a troubled past, considering he was dropped from the Pair of Kings series in the second season because of a DUI charge. He is well known for his amazing voice; however, with a troubled history in alcohol and drugs, his future is at stake!

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