Jon Batiste is collaborating with Kenny G, Lana Del Rey, and others in one of his most ambitious works' World Music Radio' released yesterday! He is a brilliant artist, a Jazz musician, and a true crossover artist.

His mass appeal goes beyond just music creation as his new work leaps at the radio-friendly sound but on a global scale. The music's conception and artistic vision are inspirational and showoff Batiste's creativity as an artist.

You would think nothing is left after creating a soundtrack like 'Soul' that will win him a golden globe and an Oscar. Here he comes and surprises us with his new album! Last year, he beat pop music artists like Justin Beiber, Taylor Swift, and Billie Eilish with his "We Are," winning the Album of the Year.

The prolific musician started with self-producing albums leading to appearing in the series Treme in some episodes. Later he got the chance, along with his band "Stay Human," to become the house band in a reality talk show.

He also signed with the Verve Label to become the star he is today! He created the track 'Soul' for the Pixar film Soul, which won him his first Academy Award. He has also acquired 11 Grammy nominations and won 5 awards in the last year.

The album 'We Are' had much to do with it, especially with the generous collection of African American sways on the music. He has covered everything from Jazz to hip hop or soul, creating a legendary career representing him being an artist that spans generations.

The human emotions in his new album show that the 36-year-old phenomenal musician has untapped a part of music that goes deeper, creating something that will stay in people's minds and hearts for a long time.

For Batiste, the new album is like a journey, and he is growing and evolving in his journey with the integration of culture, art, human interaction, and a goal towards global development!

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