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Modern Family Actress Sarah Hyland Is Called ‘Disrespectful’ On Tv Show Love Island  

author-img By priyanjana kar 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Sarah Hyland

The Modern Family star Sarah Hyland who also happens to host the Love Island Tv show in the USA, got herself called disrespectful. In the show’s last episode, the audience was left shell-shocked after a confrontation between a contestant and the host, Hyland.

In a heated argument with Mike Stark, Sarah was called out for being disrespectful. The contestants of the show, often called Islanders, are seen to have heated arguments within themselves which are normal.

But in the recent episode, a heated exchange ensued between the host of the show, Hyland, and an Islander, Mike Stark. Being called ‘disrespectful’ is because Islander Mike found Sarah’s questioning of another contestant, Vickala Gray, objectionable.

Islander Gray wanted to leave the show as her partner Keenan Anunay was eliminated due to getting the least votes from the public. Anunay got the least votes among male contestants in the “red wedding” episode. During the elimination of Anunay, Gray said, “I would like to voluntarily also leave. I feel like I found what I came here for and I’d like to leave with Keenan.”

To this comment, Hyland was surprised and wanted to make sure that Gray’s decision was definite. Hyland says, “Before you go anywhere, I just… I want to make sure that you’re absolutely happy with your decision,” Gray agrees, saying, “No regrets.”

During this conversation, Mike Starks interjected after he sensed a tone from the host Sarah which he found objectionable. Starks says, “Why are you saying it like that?” which shocked Hyland as she questioned if he was talking with her, to which he said, “Yes, it sounded quite disrespectful.” This shocked Hyland as she enquired, “I’m being disrespectful?” Starks answers, “Yeah.” After which, Hyland says, “Okay, then,” clearly agitated but refusing to continue the conversation any further. As the show progressed, Starks was also eliminated due to low votes from the public, leading to Hyland referring to the episode as a “red wedding.”

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