The first full Moon of this month will occur on Tuesday at 2:31 PM. You will be able to see the Moon on Monday and Tuesday evenings.This month, the Moon is known as the Sturgeon Moon, which comes from the fish species that turned up this month in the North American fishing tribes.

This month's full Moon is known as the Red Moon and the Green Moon. This will be the first full Moon of this month, known as the rare Blue Moon, which caps off at the end of the month. In terms of addition, this full Moon will be a supermoon and the second full Moon of the four consecutive months of this year.

This upcoming Thursday early morning, the Moon will be at the lower right of Saturn. You can see the Moon and Saturn with the naked eye. But if you want to use a telescope or binoculars, then it will aid in Saturn's ring view in a closer manner to the Moon.

The Lunar cycle takes approximately 29.5 days to finish, and it helps in transforming from a full Moon to a new Moon. Most months only have one full Moon. Although, on occasion, a second full moon will occur within the same month, and it helps cause a popular expression.

A super full moon usually occurs when this is closest to the Earth, as per information from NASA. The Moon travels around the Earth in an oval-shaped ellipse. It moves quite closer and farther from the planet as it starts to travel.

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