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Fans Of Kim Kardashian Are Angry As They Accuse Her Of Editing Pictures!  

author-img By sagnika sinha 5 Mins Read December 6, 2023

Fans Of Kim Kardashian Are Angry As They Accuse Her Of Editing Pictures!

A lot of backlash has been targeted at Kim Kardashian after she posted pictures on Instagram to advertise her skincare brand, SKKN! The five head shots show Kardashian’s clear skin with a braided ponytail as she promotes her brand.

In her picture, a product in her hand belongs to her skincare line, SKKN. However, Fans of the star commented below her post, speculating on her falsehoods regarding her pictures and product line.

They think that Kim wants everyone to believe that when using products from her brand, you will get skin similar to hers! Unfortunately, the pictures posted have initiated a discussion about confusion regarding the pictures being photo shopped.

Some comments were rude as they claimed money cannot buy a natural face! The comments are quite harsh and judgmental, but there is also a concern about misleading the target audience, especially if she needs to create original pictures.

“The fact she had to use all this makeup for her skin shoot makes me highly doubt her skincare even works.” This comment raises the exact concern because she is trying to sell her product by posting natural pictures with makeup.

Many people think the pictures are artificially altered images, which is legally prohibited unless the person posting a picture states that the picture is changed. People must not relate to the product and the pictures.

Other comments praise Kim Kardashian’s look, stating, “celebrating natural beauty”! In the five head shots, the entrepreneur is posing with no clothing apparel, and obviously it is not her natural look.

Even in the past, Kim has been accused of photo shopping her pictures as she posted an image in a plunging black dress. Critics could easily spot that Kardashian in the photo was standing in front of a gray-colored wall, which looked fake.

Fans were quite disappointed with her posting pictures where she was faking her looks by altering them. It damages her market value now that she is selling products based on skincare!

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