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Ahoy matey! So, you want to buy a boat? What kind of boat are you looking for?

One that floats isn’t a good enough answer. We know you want a cool boat, but what kind? A cool sailboat? A submarine/deck boat mix?

Just something that will get your family out for some fun tubing on the water? Your perfect cool boat won’t be the same as someone else’s.

And that’s OK. To make sure you spend your money wisely, we’re detailing types of boats and some really cool options below.

Types of Boats:

If you’re looking into getting a boat, you need to know the main types. You probably already have one type in mind, but do you know what it’s called?

Each of these main types has subtypes, which we’ll explore in the next section.

The main types of boats are:

Unpowered Boats:

If you’re looking for a canoe or kayak, those are unpowered boats. You could call them man-powered boats, as that’s more truthful.

Man powered boats are the cheapest, you can get a good one for under $5,000, which is a very low price when it comes to general boat shopping.



You could also argue that sailboats are unpowered, but the wind serves as their motor. You’ll still have to do a lot of work with this boat type. It takes years to learn to sail correctly.



Finally, you have the most consumer-friendly type of boat: a motorboat.

These are most likely the boats you’ve been on before. They’re rather large (can fit multiple passengers) and have a gas-powered engine in the back.

That motor is what separates them from other types of boats. You couldn’t use the wind or oars to propel these boats forward – they’re too big and bulky.


Types of Motorboats:

Since this is the type of boat you’re most likely looking to buy, we’re only going to explore its subtypes.

Motorboats have a range of uses. Commercial fishermen use them, as do recreational ones. Some boat owners have them just for fun or for doing recreational water sports.

The activity you have in mind will decide which type of boat is right for you. If you think that motorboats are the right choice for your activities, you can check out motor boats for sale here.

For example, if you’re looking to use the boat for skiing, you’ll need an attachment to connect the rope to at the back of the boat.

These boats also have a different motor placement, so that no one gets hurt and the rope doesn’t get cut.

That would be different than a commercial fishing boat, which needs things like fish boxes, rod holders, and sonar capabilities.

Pontoon Boats:


This is one of the most popular types of recreational boats. A pontoon is a flat platform that floats on two tubes (or pontoons) to float on the water.

You can use them for watersports, but they won’t be that fast. A pontoon is best for families who want the room to hang out when they’re on the water.

You can easily fit four to six people on a small pontoon, but capacities go up with the sizes. If you’re a casual fisherman and want a boat that the whole family will love, try a pontoon.

Pontoon Boats

Deck Boats:

Another type of recreational boat is the deck boat – which has a lot of deck room, as the name notes. They’re more V-shaped than the pontoon, which means they’re better suited for watersports.

People sit in the back of the boat (the pit) while the boat’s in motion, but the front of the boat is great for lounging and sunbathing on when the boat is moored.

Deck Boats

RunAbouts or Bowriders:

A bowrider is like a deck boat, but you can sit in the front while the boat is moving. There is a seat built-in up there, where the bow is flat on a deck boat.

They’re also fast and great for watersports. Their shape lets them cut through waves easily, so if you’re looking for an ocean boat, check out this shape.

Center Console Boats:

A center console boat is more for fishing than for recreation, though that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the family out on the water.

On a center console, the idea is speed and efficient use of space.

As such, all the controls are built into one console that, you guessed it, sits in the center of the boat. These boats usually have fish boxes and a built-in cooler, for keeping bait alive.

Some will even have a live well, where you can keep fish healthy before you bring them into the land.

Other features to look for on a center console include rod holders, fishing radar, and a covered top or canopy so that the sun doesn’t kill you while you’re trying to drive.

Speaking of driving and boat safety, make sure you know these tips before going out on the water.

The Cool Boat Award Winners:

Now that you know a little bit about boat basics, you’ll have more context when we describe the following cool boats. These boats aren’t technically awarded winners, but they’re the ones we thought were cool enough to show you.

The Hypersubmarine Boat:

What if we told you there was a deck boat that could function as a submarine? Would you believe us?

It’s true, not that you could buy it without a ton of money. It’s made by the French Brand Marion and could serve a military purpose in future times.

While it can travel above the water like a normal boat, it can also submerge fully. The boat goes at a speed of 26 knots, which is about 30 miles per hour.

Unlike other submarines, the boat’s deck-boat capabilities allow people to board the submarine/boat directly. If you wanted to go in a submarine right now, chances are you’d have to take a boat to the submarine, which needs to stay out in deeper water.

Pretty cool, huh? Oh yeah and if you start running out of oxygen while you’re exploring the ocean floor? This boat can float right back up to let the air naturally reload.

The Kormoran k7 Transforming Vessel:

While this boat isn’t a submarine. . . we don’t know exactly what to call it.

It’s part speed boat, part deck boat, and part almost jet ski?

Imagine this: There’s a gold-colored hull in the middle, which seats about three people. All the controls are there and it’s almost a missile-like shape.

Then there are two smaller missile-like shapes on each side, except they look like they’ve been cut in half. Those halves are what give the boat flotation and balance.

They can fold up under the boat, for a deck boat like-experience. Or they can come all the way out to the sides, and the boat functions like a motorized catamaran.

Or, the wings of the boat go out and the center of the boat comes down into the water, so there are three points of contact.

Pretty cool, huh?

While it’s awesome and a true feat of engineering, we’re not sure who would need a boat with that many uses. Perhaps someone who’s going out on unpredictable water?

But it doesn’t have a big gas capacity, which means it’s not meant to go long distances.

The Jet Capsule: An In-Water Mini Cooper:

If you’re looking for a boat that you can spend a nice day on but you don’t have the kind of money for a yacht, check out the jet capsule.

It’s a little boat, wider than the average boat but shorter in length. It almost looks like an iron, if iron could float.

The hardcover attached top lets the boat thrive in any condition, rain or shine. In fact, you can open parts of the roof up to let the sun in and create a mini sundeck.

There are windows on each side of the boat, including the back, where the entrance is.

There’s a small bathroom downstairs and a sitting area on the main inside deck.

And it’s not as small as you think. This little guy can fit up to twelve passengers, so it’d be perfect to ferry people between islands or from one side of a large lake to another.

The boat goes up to 45 miles per hour, so it has a speedy kick to it as well. Worried about gas consumption? This boat doesn’t burn as much as others in its general size and capacity range, so it’s rather an earth friendly.

Find a Cool Boat For You:

While that little pod boat sounds nice, it’s probably not the right choice for you. Most of us are looking for a cool boat in terms of color and price, not so much in the way of its amazing and record-breaking capabilities.

No matter which boat you choose, you’ll have fun feeling the wind on your hair and the sun on your skin. For tips on how to maximize and manage that sun-skin relationship, click here.

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