Water sports activities are ideal to add some excitement to those vacation trips and they also serve as nice ways to keep your body in shape. If water-skiing is something you find a bit risky, Knee boarding may fit your bill well. It is ideal when you want to enjoy water sports at an amateur level without investing a large amount.  The fact that it requires less skill and effort than waterskiing makes it ideal for women and teenagers. It can be good for entire family, in fact. However, you need to use the right type of equipment to enjoy it to the hilt. You will need a boat, a tow rope, and the best kneeboard to get started. The recommended speed for kneeboarding is 15-20 mph.

Nuances of recreational kneeboards you should learn :

Basically two types of kneeboards you can buy- competitive and recreational. As evident from the name, the first type is used by people who are professionally into water sports activities. Casual users should go for the recreational variants. The price of such kneeboards ranges between $50 and $150, on an average.

The majority of recreational kneeboards are roto-molded, which explains their lower price tag. These variants have soft and wide edges. These ensure you can achieve good control and turn smoothly when gliding over the water surface. These kneeboards are also buoyant and thick. The Rotomolded boards serve as floatation aid if the riders fall off in deep water. Some of these boards also have attached fins which are handy for taking turns!

Top brands you can pick from

There are several brands in market making recreational kneeboards these days. So, you need to compare the options and assess your priorities before placing an order. The fact is, in this segment of kneeboards, a steep price tag does not always indicate suitability or best quality!

The fact that enjoys steady popularity in this segment is O'Brien. The models are known for their stylish design and durability. The unique sandwich construction style makes these kneeboards easy to use. Other popular brands making recreational kneeboards are Driftsun, Hydroslide, and Nash etc.

Aspects to check when shopping for recreational kneeboards :

Below listed are a few aspects that you should check when shopping for the recreational kneeboards:

  • Material- Most of the kneeboards you can find in the market are made of polyurethane wrapped in fiberglass. A tougher outer layer indicates longer lifespan.
  • Rocker- The rocker in a kneeboard denotes the curve measurement at its bottom section. The most commonplace rocker measurement in modern kneeboards is 5-6 cm.
  • Additional features- Some kneeboard models come with attached adjustable fins and rope hooks. Some models are also sold with knee pads. The fins are designed to remain underwater and usually made with fiberglass. Knee straps ensure you remain on the board securely but can get free with ease too. The straps are made of velcro- mostly.
  • Style- Two popular kneeboard styles are there- trick and slalom. The latter kneeboards offer enhanced capability at speed control and turning with sharper edges. The trick style models have rounded edges and bottom.
  • Color and design- You may find kneeboards that come in vibrant color and enticing designs nowadays.
  • Age of user- You have to think of the user’s age before buying a model. If you are buying the kneeboard for your kids, it should be with bigger straps and have lighter weight. However, for a kneeboard that will be used by all members of the family, a general model will do.

Making the final choice :

It would be a good idea to go for a basic recreational kneeboard with the thick and rounded build if you are making the first purchase and want to use it occasionally. However, more experienced water sports lovers can go for fancier models which cost a little more! Before placing the order, you should check out the kneeboard details including length of the straps, fin length etc.

You can also check out the online reviews of popular recreational keyboards if you are unsure about buying the best kneeboard. There are some websites where you can find side by side comparisons of such kneeboards and detailed reviews of specific models too.

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