Skiing and snowboarding are two favourite pastimes for families in the UK. There are world-class slopes in Europe that provide a family-friendly atmosphere with terrain parks, groomed runs, off-piste powder, and backcountry skiing. Skiers of every age and skill level have something to look forward to and enjoy.

When going on a skiing trip as a family, parents may also consider taking things to the next level by enrolling kids to a ski school like this Courchevel Ski School located in France. Once kids begin to take up skiing and other snow sports, they learn fast and are often better than adult beginners.

Why kids do well in skiing than adults:

If you compare adult beginners and kids learning to ski for the first time, kids usually fare better. One of the reasons for this is that children lack fear. Young children especially have a more adventurous attitude because they are mostly unafraid of falling and does not worry about the people around them.

Children do not compare what they are doing to past experiences as they don't have any; thus have no inclination towards possible consequences and their lack of fear makes it that much easier for them to learn a sport like skiing or snowboarding.

Another advantage that children have in learning to ski is the availability of advanced skiing equipment. Custom-designed boots for children fit snugly and flex as they move, and you can also use skis that have side cuts which allow them to experience and discover slope edges and carvings clearly. Even ski clothing is more comfortable and allows for better movement; thus kids can enjoy skiing better.

How to support your kids in their learning:

If you want your kids to be competent in skiing, you need to play a big part in the process. Encouraging your kids means doing everything that you can to not impede their progress. First of all, skiing requires a financial commitment. Do not scrimp by buying your kids ski equipment that is too big, thinking that they will eventually grow into it.

Instead of buying, parents can rent boots and other ski equipment from the school; the rental equipment is high-quality and much less expensive than buying. Another common parental practice than usually hinders the progress of children is that sometimes, parents tend to be pushy and want their children to learn advanced techniques even when they are not yet ready.

Kids need to stay on long flat runs as much as possible. Do not pressure your kids to try steep hills right away as it can foster bad skiing habits that will take time to break.

Ultimately, the goal of skiing as a family is to have fun and to allow children to experience the slopes the safest way possible. When kids start to express their interest, then it is the best time for them to join ski courses for kids of similar age.

It is natural for parents to be competitive and harness the skills of their children. Although kids learn fast, the best time for them to receive instruction is when they are ready and willing.

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