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“Successful Liability Shift For Enrolled Card Is Required” Explained!

author-img By Soumava Goswami 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

successful liability shift for enrolled card is required

You must have encountered a message saying, “Successful Liability Shift For Enrolled Card Is Required” whenever you have tried to subscribe to an online service by making payment through a card. Basically, this is an error message that comes whenever you try to make a payment through your card.

For many people, this message, on the surface, might look very technical. But it is actually not a very technical issue. The only problem with this message or error report is that it does not further guide you on what to do and also does not even explain the problem in detail.

The question arises that the gift cards from Amazon and Vanilla are not accessible for 3D authentication. So the question is, is there any profit in implementing liability shifts for enrolled cards?

Read this article to know in detail about this problem, and also of ways to fix it.

What Is Successful Liability Shift For Enrolled Card Is Required Meaning?

successful liability shift for enrolled card is required

Basically, “Successful Liability Shift For Enrolled Card Is Required” is an error message. The problem is that the place to which you are subscribing to does not give you details about how to deal with this message and how to fix this error.

Simply put, “Liability Shift For Enrolled Card” means that with this transaction, the liability of any given case of fraud, in addition to other financial problems related to fraud, should be shifted from one party to another. 

To explain to you by an example: suppose you are making a transaction in OnlyFans, and you see this message. It means that the liability of the company’s payment gateway (merchant) is to be moved to the bank in which the debit and credit card is issued.

Have you used gift cards after which you get the message “Successful Liability Shift For Enrolled Card Is Required?” You may probably get the warning on OnlyFans if you use gift cards, like from  Amazon or Vanilla, or other prepaid cards. You will only be able to use a credit card or a debit card in certain circumstances.

To get a better understanding of the reasons why this situation might happen, you will need to read through the next section. Here, we have explained the reason for the process of liability shift in payment gateways.

Successful Liability Shift For Enrolled Card Is Required OnlyFans

Many banks, financial institutions, and other financial companies attempted to provide a practical solution to enhance their fraud control procedures in 2015. 

They consequently consented to the Liability Shift program. It transfers transactional liability from the bank or other financial institution to the merchant. 

The bank isn’t liable if the transaction turns out to be fraudulent. If a fraudulent transaction occurs and the OnlyFans merchant accepts a card without a magnetic chip, it is the merchant’s fault.

Why Is It Necessary To Have A Liability Shift?

A liability shift is necessary for enrolled cards because it helps understanding and evaluation of credit card fraud by banks and processing networks. It helps in identifying certain types of fraudulent transactions that are based on chip cards.

When your credit card shows a message declining the payment, there is some issue of authentication. This is where a liability shift is necessary! It is due to the fact that a card when enrolled is 3D secure so that the authentication of the cardholder can be successfully maintained.

How To Establish Successful Liability Shift?

To apply Liability Shift to register the card, it is a specific instruction to register to the premium account on Onlyfans. The steps are as follows:

  • To perform 3D secure authentication, you have to enter a one time passcode or a password to enforce entering the account on OnlyFans.
  • Both credit cards and debit cards have been issued by various financial institutions and banks where the feature of the liability shift  is present.
  • With the liability shift from the merchant to the financial institution or bank, the 3D authentication will help in chargebacks, disputes and fraudulent transactions.

Why Are You Seeing This Message?

You are getting the message, “Successful Liability Shift For Enrolled Card Is Required” on OnlyFans because of the following major reasons:

1. The gift card or the prepaid card that you are making use of on the OnlyFans payment gateway is not supported by the company’s merchant.

2. You might have even successfully added the payment, but you still cannot get access to the subscription.

3. If your credit card or debit card is not adapted to 3D secure, you might still receive the message from the OnlyFans payment gateway.

4. Your credit card or debit card does not have the magnetic chip that secures the transaction through it.

To ensure the fix to this situation, you will need to ensure that your card has that magnetic chip or your card is 3D secure.

Successful Liability Shift For Enrolled Card Is Required OnlyFans Fix

successful liability shift for enrolled card is required

Make sure your card is 3D secure if you want to hold the bank accountable for the transaction in case of fraud. This is a fraud prevention system that enables the cardholder to complete an additional verification process at the moment of payment.

In such situations, you will be directed to the authentication page on the website of the issuing bank. Here, you must enter your password linked to your card and also enter an OTP that has been sent to your phone through SMS. Furthermore, even in case of fraudulent transactions, the merchant will take liability.

If you ever face the message in OnlyFans Transaction Could Not Be Processed At This Time, then you will need to enable your 3D secure for your card. This will ensure that your transaction is secure to get a subscription to your OnlyFans account.

The OTP that was provided to your phone must be entered on the payment gateway page. It is just like when you use a debit card or credit card to make a purchase.

Since 3D Secure is enabled on the OnlyFans platform, any lack of authentication and shift in liability on gift cards leads to such transactions being disallowed.

Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs):

The following are some of the most asked questions about Liability Shift Errors:

Q1: What does “Successful Liability Shift For Enrolled Card Is Required” mean?

Ans: It means that the liability of the transaction (in case of fraudulent ones) does not stay with the bank. It shifts to the merchant in the payment gateway.

Q2: Why do I receive this message on OnlyFans: “Successful Liability Shift For Enrolled Card Is Required”?

Ans: The card (prepaid card or gift card) that you are using on the payment gateway for the OnlyFans subscription is either not 3D Secure or does not have the magnetic chip.

Q3: How To Fix “Successful Liability Shift For Enrolled Card Is Required” on OnlyFans?

Ans: To fix this error, you have to use a card that is 3D Secure since OnlyFans uses only cards that are 3D Secure.

Summing Up

Hence, you have understood that “Successful Liability Shift For Enrolled Card Is Required” is an error message. It comes when you use a card that is not 3D Secure or misses a magnetic chip. In such cases, banks and financial institutions do not take responsibility for the transaction.

You cannot hold the bank responsible if the transaction is a victim of fraud in such circumstances. A transaction fails if the merchant in the payment gateway refuses to accept the card. 

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