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Why Would A Startup Think About Creating A Great UI/UX Design?

author-img By Sumona 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

UI/UX Design

UI and UX are inextricably linked. Without them, you cannot create a quality digital product. In a highly competitive environment, a well-designed design will give you a significant advantage.

This is why you need UI/UX design services. If your product is more convenient to interact with, the client will choose it even if its price is higher than the price of similar proposals from competitors.

So what do you understand by the term what is ui/ux design services?

UI/UX Services: The Features Of UI/UX Interfaces

UI/UX Interfaces

UX-design is a more generalized concept. Its part is the UI-design. UX is responsible for user interaction with the service. The UI is responsible for the appearance of the project – the user interface or control panel. 

That is, it’s all a combination of the visual and interactive components of the project. UI-design has specific rules that are designed to facilitate human interaction with the service. 

For example, all elements of the interface should be organized among themselves. And logically related elements should be combined into groups. 

This is also necessary to adhere to a unified style – this is important to consider when ordering UI/UX services for website and apps for convenience and speed of use. 

Blocks of information should be separated by free space – so they are easier to perceive and improve the ui/ux design services. If all conditions are met, the product will be competitive.

How To Design A Product?

The main difficulty in ordering UI/UX services for a startup is that the startup is usually born from one idea, which only the founder understands at first. 

And even if he understands the idea very well, He is not also sure he can properly communicate and explain it to the rest of the people involved in product development. 

When you just start a startup and think about ordering the UI/UX services, you focus on one thing which is important for you. First, know which you have to design, then start to design the products.

Where Do You Start With The UI/UX Design Of A Startup?

In any case, you should always move through the classic UX process Hence this the single process which will protect you from obvious mistakes. 

Once you go through all the steps, you will have described and recorded the goals, objectives, personas, values, and use cases of the project, which will be useful to you both in getting the investment and launching the product into the world. 


A visual prototype with a ui/ux design is such a product that can be done at a medium level of detail (read more about the level of detail of prototypes here). This is also necessary to show it to potential customers and users of the product as early as possible, without wasting time on endless revisions. 

But what if you have designed and drawn everything, and people tell you “it’s not interesting” or “it’s inconvenient”? 


It’s important to understand that this is a normal process. If you’re coming up with something new for the market, and you don’t have a direct analogue from which to copy the value and functionality, you’re going to be wrong. 

You have to be willing to test and repeatedly draw until you get a reaction: “It all makes sense, looks handy, would like to try it out!”.

Is It Possible To Prototype Immediately In Code?


A good practice for a startup whose goal is not visual novelty would be to take a UI-kit for your favourite front-end framework (such as Vuetify) and then do everything on it. 

If you have enough experience in UI/UX to immediately create a user-friendly frontend, you can prototype directly in the code based on mocaps. 

Many things are done in this way faster and easier than developing a highly detailed prototype first, then designing, and then making the layout. Or alternatively, order UI/UX design services.

How To Collect The Feedback And Data & Order UI/UX Services?

The very common problem in startup a ui/ux design development is usually the fact that each user has their own opinion on how best to do it. Every user thinks they know what you did wrong and how it should be. 

To successfully implement your idea, you have to understand as early as possible what the real problems are with your users, where they’re not very comfortable, and where there are some problems. You can use analytical tools to get reports. It’s also important to track behavioural factors and collect triggers. 

The information you get needs to be analysed and interpreted correctly. This will allow you to build the right hypotheses. You can apply them correctly in the prototype and later in the final version of the product. Your main goal is to improve performance and efficiency. You also shouldn’t be tied to a specific user. When you analyse the data, try not to give subjective evaluations based on your personal vision. 

Why Do We Need UI/UX Services?

UI (User Interface) is the visual part of a web product, and UX (User Experience) is its logic. No matter how expensive the design is, it will not do any good if the user does not feel comfortable interacting with the app. This is why it is important to study user behaviour thoroughly. 

User-friendly Approach:

UI/UX design services should be ordered so that people will naturally move to the desired action as a result. 

The interface is a simple design for influencing the user to navigate intuitively through the system.You can also find the necessary information within a few couple of seconds. UX makes a site or app clear and easy to use. 

A Nice Visual Representation:

The UI defines the external component of the interface and its physical characteristics. It respects the comfortable arrangement of elements, selecting the best font and colour palette for the project. 

A visually pleasant interface attracts people and doesn’t let them close the tab or exit the UI/UX design program prematurely.

Bottom Line: Far From UI/UX Design But Want To Launch A Startup: UI/UX Services

UI/UX Services

Then it is better to use the services of professionals. But it is important that the design team involves you in prototyping at the earliest stages. For us, it is extremely important for ui/ux design that the final product reflects the idea you put into it.



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