Long Distance Relationships 101

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Long Distance Relationships

Distance makes the heart grow fonder, and this is one of the factors why some long-distance relationships end happily ever after. Love stories are warming, but long-distance ones with couples ending up together are one of the best ones to hear.

Making a long-distance relationship work is a decision that both parties need to make. Living in different states can be tough especially if you also have to deal with time zones. If you’re in one and unsure how to navigate the relationship to make it work, the tips below can help you.

You don’t have to talk every day:

talk every day

Communication is one of the biggest keys to a relationship. Sure, it’s easy when you get to see each other every day or when you can physically touch each other whenever you want. But when there’s the distance between the two of you, it’s an obstacle that you have to overcome.

With communication, it’s not about how often you talk to each other but rather, the quality and the effort you put into making the conversations meaningful. It’s good that we have the technology available to make this easier, although it’s still nothing like having the other person within your arm’s reach. Nevertheless, saving your stories to tell during your Skype calls will make you both have something to look forward to, instead of texting each other every minute about every little thing you do.

Schedule a regular date:

Long-distance relationships need time and effort to make it work. Instead of dwelling on the fact that you’re far apart, you can do something about it to make it bearable. Schedule a regular Skype date where you can have meals together or share screens to watch your favorite movie or series together. It will still give you that feeling that you’re sharing memorable moments with your significant other, no matter how far away they are.

Don’t let your world revolve around them:

It’s hard to imagine how you’re going to deal with your partner being so far away. But you still need to live your life as you did before and focus on keeping a relationship happy and healthy regardless of the distance. Instead of thinking that it would be better to be doing something with your partner, try to find things that you can distract yourself with. Just like regular romantic relationships, people should still have their world outside their partners so they will have a breathing room and grow personally in their own space.

Surviving long distance relationships truly is a challenge, but the endgame is a reward that you should look forward to. At some point, you will both have to decide where both of you can settle to live together. Moving your entire life to another state is another challenge you’ll have to tackle in the future, but it should be easy with NJ long distance movers that can transport your belongings to wherever you and your partner will settle down. Whether it’s now or sometime in the distant future, it’s a scenario that you should carefully plan for.

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