Stop looking to fantasy tales when you can create your own reality full of thrill and fun. The era of the princess story saved by the brave hero is old enough to follow. Prince is no more interested in saving you from your own created troubles, get up and do it by yourself. Prince is busy gathering his own mess and you have to come out of your fantasy world. Trust me, the reality is a lot more beautiful than the land of wonders where it seems magical but still, you’re supposed to be saved by the prince. However, this story of a magical world is not my concern. There is a fairy tale that I can guarantee as a better story than anything else. I never believed in these fantasies but the reality was not so beautiful either until Morocco changed my mind.

We know that Morocco is a stunning country with lots of adventures to offer and remarkable history of Arabians and Berbers. I get to know after my consecutive 3 Morocco Holidays. The lifestyle in Morocco is still like an old tradition but it’s awesome.

Well, I was in Morocco, my first day went amazing in the Marrakech, the 2nd day was supposed to be in Chefchaouen, as mainly I booked my holiday for it. Moreover, reaching the blue city, I got to know that is was more artistic than described.

My words fall weak and colors of my own imaginations faded away. That place seems to be so beautiful and peaceful. As I reached the rest house that has a small room booked for me, I met some amazing people out there. It was a group of young people and travel enthusiasts who have been to a lot more places than me.

I was glad to meet them and was eagerly waiting to catch up with any of them and listen to their travel stories for my writing inspiration.

A Tale of Unexpected Friendship Took a Flight

Finally, I got Jennifer to talk for a while. I am quite reserved when it comes to people, but I still don’t know that how I was too good at communicating with Jennifer. Well, maybe she started the conversation and one story led to another. I never had any friends from childhood but she was amazing. She kept telling the stories of her travel experiences to Switzerland, New Zealand and many other places. Her something unexpected happened, she suddenly asked about me and my life. I told her that about my passion for writing, Friendship, and painting. She was appalled with it and I got to now that she has been in the field from past few years.

Sunset above Chefchaouen Morocco from Spanish Mosque.

That was the day our story had begun and got a new friend in my life. She is married now and we plan all our trips together. She turned out to be my first and last friends. Coming back home, when I told my parents that I have got someone along, they were in a shock. I was never a person with friends, never wanted to depend on someone or get emotionally attached but Jennifer changed my views all of a sudden.

Friendship is no more like the burden of a relationship, in fact, it has become one of the most essential parts of my life. I can say that she helped a lot to be my own hero, she took the bitter past out of me and showed me the trail that was meant for me. After all these years, I am now planning to start my own venture and after me, I can count on her as a moral support. It is life, we sought for something else and befriend with the pain and then something unexpected takes place and the whole life turns around. It can be anything a love, friendship or something you’ve been dreaming for years. Take that opportunity, grab that one person and hold on to those who loved you. Everything else is only for the lessons and one should let go of the toxicants at the right time. This was the unexpected tale from my most thrilling Morocco Family Holidays.

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