Hello people!!! I know wedding season is home and we are all set to rock the dance floors. But but but… where there is a wedding, there is a honeymoon 😉 So today’s topic is dedicated to the lovey-dovey couples out there. I’m sure all you newly wedded couples looking forward to spending some quality time with each other. Here we present you 10 best places for honeymoon in India so that you make ample memories and preserve them throughout your lives. Here we go,

1. Honeymoon in Shimla :


So the very first one on our list is Shimla! The city of LOVE. I know how fascinated we all have been about having a trip to Shimla. It is one of the most serene and beautiful places of India and an ideal location to spend some quality time with your partner. You can get an itinerary and explore Shimla, enjoy local delicacies, and lastly click a hell number of pictures together and create memories for life. Also, do not forget to add a few extra warm clothes.

Honeymoon in Shimla

2. Srinagar :


Srinagar is an epitome of beauty. Aren’t we all are done seeing Srinagar on those screens! I know right, so why not plan for Srinagar trip for your own honeymoon? Srinagar is not only the capital of Kashmir but also the heart of Kashmir. Srinagar attracts a large number of the couple through its scenic beauty. The scenic beauty is just memorizing. It is one of the best romantic locations in India. It is often known as heaven on earth, so go ahead and enjoy the best time of your lives in this heaven.

3. Darjeeling :


Darjeeling is one of the most preferred locations by honeymooners. Darjeeling has lots and lots of places to visit, the list just doesn’t end. There is a number of markets in Darjeeling where you can find local art and traditional attires on sale. Do try those and shop for your family and friends and enjoy your honeymoon to the fullest. You can reach here via railway, roadways, or airways. I know about the time crunch and hence I’m going to tell you about this amazing yatra domestic flight offers that you can avail to get the cheapest flight deals. Yatra has offers like low fare Wednesdays, enjoy more than worth, 500 off, etc. isn’t that fabulous? So once a Darjeeling trip is equivalent to memories for life! Simple math, isn’t it?


4. Andaman Islands :

Andaman is an exquisite and ideal location for honeymooners. The island is meant for you couple to create a lifelong memory. The water here is so clean that you will fall in love with its beauty. Do try amusing water sports like underwater diving, Jet Ski, and other sports like paragliding. These activities are even more fun when you do it with your partner. Make sure you click a lot of pictures and try the famous seafood if you are a non-vegetarian. Wish to go to a place out of the box? Try Andaman!

5. Manali :

Manali is so exquisite and magnificent that it is often known as an apple of a director’s eye! I personally feel Manali is India’s mini Switzerland. Have you seen Shahid and Kareena romancing in the beauty of Manali? Aww… that could be you!!! I'm sure you don’t wish to dance in places like them but how lovely would it be to be there with your partner and romance like those Bollywood actors, Indeed very wonderful! So if Manali was the first place that struck you when you first thought of a perfect place for a honeymoon, don’t give it a second thought just go for it.


6. Udaipur :

Udaipur is a stunning place be it for any trip. Haven’t we all once wished for a destination wedding in Udaipur? But if you could not get your wedding done in Udaipur, you can definitely plan for a honeymoon in there! Rajasthan is a beautiful place and Udaipur doesn’t fail to dignify its beauty. Though it is a very big place like other destinations, its beauty compensates for its size. You get to explore the roots of the ethnicity and traditions of Rajasthan and its history plus it is a super romantic destination for any couple. So, my dear honeymooners, it can any day be an ideal destination for your quality time.

7. Dalhousie :

Dalhousie is picturesque! Going to Dalhousie can literally make you feel that you are in Switzerland. The place is always covered in snow and is one of the most beautiful places in Himachal Pradesh. How amazing would it be, to make a snowman, play with the snow with your partner, and click loads of pictures together? Indeed very amazing. You can also try adventure activities like snow skiing, trekking, and rafting, etc. which are USP of Himachal Pradesh if you guys are adventure lovers. Trust me, it would a venture that will be remembered for life.

8. Sikkim: Sikkim - ‘The Queen of Hills :


has its own paradise of beauty. If you and your partner are one amongst the nature lover and love to be in a peaceful yet beautiful place then trust me on this, Sikkim is just meant for you! There are a lot of places that you can visit and you can also try all the local delicacies and beverages. Sikkim is really famous for Tibetan and Nepal delicacies since it falls nearby Tibet and Nepal. Those few days are going to be remarkable moments of your life. So go ahead and shop, eat and explore all the hidden gems of Sikkim and make your honeymoon special and memorable.


9. Goa :


Goa- is there anything that we don’t know about Goa? Naah! We have heard Goa tails since our childhood and somewhere in the back of our minds, we had this hidden fascination to visit Goa with our partner. Time to make it come true! Goa is the pro-honeymoon destination, everyone loves going to Goa. Firstly because of the beaches, secondly alcohol, and lastly the beauty. So go ahead and confirm your booking at Goa and have the best honeymoon ever. Also, do not forget to carry some good SPF cream with you, I’m sure you and partner don’t wish to get sunburns this time.


10. Munnar :

The best destination for romance. Munnar is the most beautiful tourist place in Kerala. If you are one of those couples who is done with the hearing of the same old honeymoon locations of India, Munnar is your savior. Widely known as God's own country, this place is rich in heritage and culture and is very famous for its tea and coffee plantations. I’m sure you have seen the song ‘Kashmir main, Tu Kanyakumari’, yes that’s Munnar! Isn’t it beautiful? I know it is, so why not spend the most beautiful days of your life in this beautiful place! I know you going to love this one.

So these are 10 best places for Honeymoon in India that you can consider for your perfect honeymoon days! Make sure you carry a good camera, chargers, a selfie stick, and appropriate clothes according to your destination to get the best out of your trip. Also to further get 200% of your trip you can research a bit about your destination and be ready to ring bells. I hope you all have a happy and safe journey. Take care

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