How to End a Bad Relationship Gracefully

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While men and women across cultures continue to stay in unsatisfying relationships for different reasons, there comes a point eventually where they can no longer take the pain and suffering that comes from an unfulfilling partnership. Indeed, being in a bad relationship that’s draining the life out of a person and not giving them anything in return does not need to go on forever.

Whether it’s a bad marriage that you have tried to save with all your physical and mental capabilities or a live-in that’s throwing you off track and turning you into a different person altogether, it takes courage and clarity to end a relationship that you have invested so much in. If you’ve reached that point in your life or need a gentle push to free yourself from mental and physical agony, here are some tips that will help you end a difficult relationship with grace and calm.

Tell yourself repeatedly that you and your partner both deserve a better life :

When you begin the process of separation with this positive thought, it becomes easier to part with a person you thought would be your partner for life. Separations can get ugly quickly, particularly when one partner believes they have been shortchanged; however, by keeping your cool and learning to distance yourself from the situation, you might just be able to see why you need to move on.

It is also important to not allow yourself to fuss over trivial matters—learning to let go will make it easier for you to start afresh.

Allow yourself to feel sad to get rid of toxic feelings for good :

You may hate the other person for what they put you through, but if they were as invested in the relationship as you, chances are they have suffered just as much. If the resentment toward your partner is stopping you from thinking straight, acknowledge your feelings wholeheartedly and ask yourself if they may be feeling the same.

Once you accept how you feel about the other person, you can gradually clear your mind and heart and focus on moving on and building a new life.

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Give the other person a chance to present their side of the story :

Even if you’ve finally made up your mind to move out of a toxic relationship, letting the other person share what they feel without blaming or attacking them will allow you to heal your own hurt better, if not faster.

Disengage from the relationship and the grief it may have given you, and before you say goodbye, hear the other person out to know their perspective on things. While you may not be able to forgive them right away, hearing their side of the story may make the process easier for you.

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