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Tenants’ Rights: Knowing Your Rights As A Tenant

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Have you rented a home, apartment, or condo? 

You might not know that you have several rights to govern your living space, your use of it along with the responsibilities of your landlord. 

Basically, when it comes to renter’s rights, it is a series of legal, state, and federal laws. These are particularly designed for preventing housing discrimination and also rent gouging. At the same time, it also makes sure that the tenants are getting a clean and safe place to live. 

In case the landlord allows the property to become uninhabitable. You will get more detailed knowledge and information about these things by contacting the best Tenant Lawyers in Atlanta. 

Fair Housing Rights As A Tenant

Fair Housing Rights As A Tenant

In case you have applied to rent a unit, you can not be rejected on the basis of your sex, age, religion, national origin, color, physical disability, or race, as per the Federal Fair Housing Act. If you are facing any such issues, you can protect your tenant rights with the help of an experienced lawyer. 

You will also have local and state laws in your areas, which will further prohibit this along with discrimination on the basis of other categories as well. 

However, in case you got rejected on the basis of your credit check, the Fair Credit Reporting Act tells that your landlord has to inform you and ask you to make a writing request in order to find out what the negative information actually was. 

In the tenant-landlord rights, another factor plays a crucial role, and that is in case you have applied to rent a property and you also have a disability, your landlord is bound to make reasonable accommodations for you. 

This might lease you a lower unit or install ramps. In most cases, major remodeling is not required. In case the unit or building has lead paint, this particular information has to be disclosed to you before renting the place. 

Right To A Habitable Home

Right To A Habitable Home

When we are talking about tenants’ rights, we must mention that a habitable residence is also included there. It means, without any dangerous conditions, the home has to be a safe place to live in. Here, the landlord has to ensure that usable heat, water, and utilities are in proper condition. 

Also, your landlord is responsible for making necessary repairs in order to keep your place or unit in reasonable condition during the time you are living there. 

In addition to all these, the right to privacy is also a crucial component of the legal rights of tenants. Your landlord should not come into your home without giving any prior notice. In this case, the state might have some particular laws about how much notice your landlord has to serve in case they need to enter your property for repair or to show the unit when you move.

In case your landlord is not following the law and rules, it is best to have the best Tenant Lawyers in Atlanta by your side. 

Right To Your Security Deposit

Security Deposit

Now, come to the security deposit. There are some particular landlord-tenant rights for that as well. When you are renting any property, you will be asked to make a security deposit in order to protect the landlord against any type of damage you might cause.

Several states have set caps on these deposits; however, in case they do not, your landlord is responsible for treating all their renters the same. Landlords can not impose a higher deposit without any viable reason. Here, having a pet might be the reason for a higher deposit. 

Rights Regarding Eviction

landlord-tenant law

As per the landlord-tenant law, your landlord can evict you only in case you breach the lease, or you break any type of promise that you have mentioned in the lease. This also includes failing to pay the rent and having animals or people living with you who are not at all allowed according to your lease. 

Committing a crime within the premises will also make the landlord evict you. If you want to have detailed information about your tenant’s rights, consult with the best Tenant Lawyers in Atlanta.

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