You have tried every piece of advice you could get to sell your house but haven’t been able to find a good buyer. There could be several possible reasons for this, a situation faced all too often by first-time home sellers.

The real estate market has not been particularly remarkable lately, and getting a good price has become increasingly difficult, especially if you’re trying to get rid of a fixer-upper or urgently need to liquidate property to meet an unexpected expense.

Here are three reasons why you may be having trouble finding a good buyer for your home.

You’ve set an unrealistically high price for your home

You’ve set an unrealistically high price for your home

You may have spent a considerable amount refurbishing your home for sale, but that alone cannot guarantee a high price. Several factors determine property prices in a neighborhood, such as the going rate, location, age, size and condition of the home, and the time of the year.

Owing to lack of information and sometimes overconfidence, homeowners value their homes higher than its present worth. If you’ve inadvertently done the same, you could be discouraging potential buyers from contacting you.

A good way to determine the right resale value of a property is to seek the expertise of a local real estate professional and find out the going price of similar homes in the area.

The condition of your home does not justify the asking price

The condition of your home does not justify the asking price

Even though you’re not going to live in it for long, keeping your home in top shape is extremely important if you want a buyer to happily pay the price you’re asking. Does your home look warm and inviting from the outside? Are the faucets, fixtures, electrical equipment, ventilation, heating, and cooling in top shape? Are the front lawn and the porch well-maintained? Does the house smell good?

Private home buyers want the best of amenities in a space they’re going to call home for the next several years. If you’re selling to a home-flipping company, you need not bother with an extensive makeover; however, remember that every hundred dollars spent on home improvement can increase its price by a few thousand dollars.

Your agent is not the best you could find

Your agent is not the best you could find

Real estate agents take care of several listings at a time, and it’s possible that your agent does not have the time, the skill or the inclination to make your home a priority. It’s your agent who meets prospective buyers before you do, so if you’ve done everything right and are still not getting good offers, it may be time to meet with your agent and ask some tough questions.

If you’ve had enough of dealing with agents and waiting for a qualified buyer to come along, explore selling to a real estate investor instead for a quick all-cash deal. To sell a home in Vegas, get in touch with the leading local home buying company Alex Buys Vegas Houses who will buy your house as-is for a good price and a no-hassle, no-obligation cash offer.

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