If you are a current real estate agent in Florida, you need to keep in mind the renewal period for your license. After all, the thing that you want to happen is that you do all of the necessary studying, courses, exams, and procedures - only to have your license revoked because you didn't follow the renewal process.

Typically, after you get your license, you will have to renew your license within 18-24 months after getting the initial license - but make sure you read the details about Florida real estate post-licensing requirements so you can stay on the ball and avoid any disappointment!

Everything you need to know about Florida real estate post-licensing requirements

Everything you need to know about Florida real estate post-licensing requirements

Just because you have passed the course and taken the final exam and received your license, this doesn't mean that you can now stop with your education and never study again - you have to worry about your renewal process now. Although the renewal process of getting your real estate license is much easier than the initial exam and the stress of passing the course, you still need to stay up to date with the red tape so you continue practicing real estate law in the state of Florida.

  • Your license will expire within 18-24 months, so keep this period in mind when you are taking and passing the first state exam. The 18-24 months begin as soon as you pass the real estate exam and will be listed on your real estate license document.
  • You need to take 14 hours of the Florida continuing education class during the first 24 months after you receive your first license.
  • Complete and pass the 45-hour post-licensing course in Florida to show that you are proficient in the information that you learned during your initial course and exam. If you fail this course or you don't complete the 45-hour post-license course during the initial period, then you will have to start the entire process from the beginning!
  • You can take the online post-licensing classes online or in-person depending on your needs.
  • Typically you will pay between $120 and $250 for the renewal classes depending on the location of the causes and whether they are online or in person.
  • Once the initial period is over, you must continue reading the Florida real estate post-licensing requirements - the next step is to take the 14 hours of the continuing education classes during the 24 months after the first renewal. Make sure that you take continuing education classes regarding core law, business practices, and specific education regarding the real estate industry.
  • Lastly, once you have passed the 14 hours, you will have to download your new license from the Department of Business and Professional Regulation website so you can continue practicing real estate law.


Are you confused about the Florida real estate post-licensing requirements? You are not alone! Make sure you stay up to date on the renewal period, the post-licensing courses that you have to take, and the process of continuing education classes so you can get your new license and legally practice real estate in the state of Florida!

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