How to Host Your Ecommerce Website On GoDaddy Server

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As an enterprise or a store we need a space to run the business, right? So, the same is required in the digital world. Moreover, it shall possess all the traits of a prospective market to step in.

The desire and urge to become a digital entrepreneur and to permeate your presence in the virtual world will only start to flourish with an authentic and trustful website/webpage. Further, It requires a secure space to root it and an authentic name as well.

And here we need the purpose of a safe and secure web hosting partner as if GoDaddy…

Web hosting is nothing but the process of occupying a secure space on the internet for our webpage/website. It is broadly open to everyone, and being manageable as well. The host provides the required and desired technologies and services to run our web presence seamlessly.

While hosting our website, our whole data and its further deeds would store in a server that might be handled by the provider. The hosting providers’ role over here is to handle and settle all our website amenities into the server and upkeep it ahead along with the nuances in technology.

Let’s have a walk through the ridges of its requirements…

Our Own Address – Domain Name :

Having an identity is the fact that makes us different from others. Hence, as an online citizen, creating our own identity relies on the domain name we choose to paste over the URL bar.

Formerly, setting up a website requires an address called domain name. It is the very name that the users can pick our website out from the packet network. Moreover, every domain name has to be unique and it can be the combination of letters and numbers as well. Domain names should be registered and thereby we can reserve our website name on the internet. It avails us an authentic identity. Once we register our domain name, it will be active for a minimum one year and further, we can renew as per our interest.

Further, it can be registered independently and along with our hosting partner. However, it impacts our credibility and reliability as well. As we are certain about a shop in our town with the address, the domain name is the life certificate to prove our existence and reliance.

Secure a Space :

Though we have a domain name or not, doesn’t matter for the hosting partners. As if GoDaddy, most of the service renders offers all-inclusive leisure package to sit back and watch the launch of our full-fledged website. They help to register our domain name to build our website as we wish. With a wide array of plans and packages, they enable us to step into the virtual world confidently.

Occupying a secure and independent space over the internet and a definite address charges few bucks, normally every year. GoDaddy offers diversified plans to choose from as well. The charges will vary according to the kind of hosting we require. Take advantage of some coupons and you can have your site up and running in no time.


Basically, there are three types of hosting server shared hosting, virtual private server hosting( VPS), and dedicated hosting. Each of them has their own peculiarities and identity. The type of hosting can be availed based on our website requirement.

In addition, based on our requirements and the complexity of our website, we can choose the plans as well. GoDaddy will recommend the types and plans for evaluating the business or service we are up to.

The Hosting Process :

The process starts with the domain name. We can select from our GoDaddy account or else we are free to enter our own registered name as well. Afterward, we can upload our website into the GoDaddy server. Further, based on the program that our website has been built on, we may require to use an FTP partner to upload our website.

Through the file transfer protocol, we can move the file to the server and edit the files and info that we need to visible to the users. Once we are set with the contents, themes, social plugins’ and pages we can proudly publish our website to the world.

Wait, before cutting the ribbon, just check whether your website is secure and safe enough for the users. Ensure and leave no space for any sort of insecurity and menaces to the users as well.

As the first and important factor right before publishing our website ensures the website is proofed and sealed perfectly with SSL Certificate.

Install SSL certificate :

To be a registered and authentic enterprise in the digital habitat, few more miles that we need to cross.

SSL certificate is one of the fundamental requirement; that we need for our e-commerce website. It paints the green signal of trust and reliability. It ensures a safe and secure communication; and transaction of data between the user and the site.

To install the SSL certificate, and encrypt your customer data through 256-bit SSL encryption, some few steps involved in it. An end to end verification of our website and enterprise data is the first step to reach the goal. The authorized certifying authorities SSL like Comodo Wildcard SSL (; will validate and authenticate your primary domain and its subdomain at the affordable price. So, if your e-commerce website is handling subdomains like,, and to maintaining website information. Wildcard SSL Certificate is the first choice to secure all the subdomain hosted under one domain at less price.

The certification authority will verify the certificate signing request and issue it appropriately. Here, the Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard issuance process follows an automated validation. Therefore; Certificate issued very fast and with less hassle.  Comodo Wildcard offers many other benefits to an e-commerce website like unlimited server license, and 99.9% browser support.

Conclusion :

The website hosting is very simple; if you follow a proper process. Make sure you read site documentation if you required an individual requirement.

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