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5 Tips on How Can your E-commerce Business Promote Using E-mail Campaigns

author-img By Dana Mia 5 Mins Read February 27, 2018 Last Updated on: June 5th, 2020

E-commerce Business

E-mail is very useful when communicating with different types of customers. Much to the credit that e-mail marketing has contributed to the current technological advances, it has evolved into creating easy access elements such as embedded ‘buy now’ buttons for subscribers or customers who have easy access to online stores. Even the ability to personalize e-mails through segmentation has allowed companies to send out highly targeted e-mails to enable consumers to choose from products that fit their preferences.

The various uses of e-mail marketing to e-commerce businesses can be easily adapted to suit the company. But the real question is: how can your business promote using e-mail campaigns? Let us first discuss the types of e-mail campaigns that are suitable for your business.

Types of E-mail Campaigns:

1. The Welcome E-mail Series –

This type of e-mail marketing is most commonly used to audiences that are newly subscribed or have signed-in to a website. By sending a minimum of three to five check-ins, you will have the opportunity to familiarize your audience and keep them connected on the items that are available on your site.

2. The Connect-Via-Social Campaign –

The process of acquiring information through social media comes back to the process of building an e-mail account. For instance, when creating an account on Facebook, some users connect their e-mail addresses to sign-in or create an account. Through a user’s e-mail account, social media platforms will send a confirmation code or reply to ensure owner subscription.

3. The Standard Promotional Campaign –

For some audiences, this may be the most common advertisement that they see on their e-mail accounts after purchase. Instead of sending numerous confirmation emails to your customers, why not send content that can be easily understood and sent in one thread instead of scattered submissions that irritate most consumers.

4. Digital Magazine or Newsletter –

If your business includes business blogs or any content that needs boosting, e-mail campaigns can be a helpful platform. It’s a good idea to use images paired with a headline this way, your viewers click your e-mail, it will appear more professional and appealing to the viewers.

5. Internal Updates –

Updating your audience to the current application tools, content, and other features that affect their subscription by sending them internal updates through e-mail can further build a consistent interaction every time that your website will have changes. Notifying your customers can also build trust and product credibility on your company, if your company is selling products online, it is best that actual uploading of images, prices, are relayed for the customers benefit, especially when you are promoting discounts on your products. The right CTA on your e-mail content can accumulate more consumers and will affect your business positively in the long-run.

One of the unique benefits of using e-mail marketing is that it impacts even the granular parameters of your online marketing campaigns such as reach and activity. E-mail marketing can reach through audiences and can verify subscriptions of every customer. To achieve the full value of your customer relationships, here are some tips for you in handling your e-mail marketing for your business.

Personalize your E-mail Campaigns – Sending e-mails with content tailored to the recipient is assured to make your viewers satisfied with sending complimentary messages with availing your companies service or purchasing from your store. You could send them messages providing the date and item of their purchase and compliment them in return to gain more product liability.

Take Advantage of Seasonal E-mail Campaigns – Holiday and seasonal-themed campaigns can bring more interest to consumers. In fact, holiday e-commerce sales during November and December make up almost one-quarter of total annual sales, with a significant portion of those sales resulting from email promotions.

Notify Customers of Product Progress – Update your customers about the inventory of a specific product, especially on products that are already out of stock. This way, marketing and advertising your items online at the same time is more accurate and will have more leads on consumer purchases.

Reward Consumers with Discounts – Loyal customers are the foundation and reason why your business is still running. Giving them discounts on their purchases as an outbound benefit of choosing your store for their purchase is one strategy to gain more leads to other customers.

Creativity Towards Transaction E-mails – For some customers, transaction e-mails can be quite boring because of the text walls that explain the purchase of the customer. The first thing companies can easily implement in their transactional email strategy is creating messages that not only are relevant and interesting but also look good. Instead of the continuous text that explains details of the purchase, why not use a simplified table wherein the following details of the transaction are already bundled into one.

Overall, business owners that leverage both the power of online store platforms and e-mail marketing enables their customers to experience a satisfying and hassle-free buying journey. It can also help build a good impression by appearing that their company is easy to transact with and handles personal information of customers professionally.  By promoting your business through an e-mail campaign, your company can gain more sales, give your customers an assurance of a worthy purchase, and gain more loyal customers that will keep your business on the top for the long haul.

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