5 Incredible Advantages Of Incorporating CRM With Marketing Automation

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read April 3, 2019

CRM with marketing automation

Between social media, ads, PPC, email, webinars, and content, you’ve got a lot of marketing choices.

But the bottom line? Email marketing is still 40x better than social media at converting buyers.

And customer relationship marketing (CRM) software remains the best way to track leads.

So what happens if you put them together?

You get supercharged email sales funnels.

Wondering why you should use CRM with marketing automation? Here are five massive advantages.

1. Nurture Leads from Day One:

Add your leads to your CRM software. Then use marketing automation to nurture them before your sales team speak to them.

Using sync apps makes it easy to align your CRM and marketing.

You’ll get vital data from the way leads respond to or interact with emails. That gives the sales team more information to better help potential customers.

This data gives you fantastic insights into your customers. Use this data to help write better marketing messages for your audience.

Any leads who unsubscribe do you a favor by removing themselves from your process.

2. Using CRM with Marketing Automation Shortens Your Sales Cycle:

Without CRM, your sales team can face a lengthy sales cycle. There are more decision makers to convince and more buyers to convert.

Using an email marketing CRM integration helps you send more efficient messages. Sending the right information at the right time for the lead makes it easier to convert them.

That’s because you’ve sent the information they need when they’re still interested.

3. Pinpoint What Works – and What Doesn’t:

If you’re only using email marketing software, you can get false readings. High open or click rates might make an email look successful. But it doesn’t reveal the whole picture.

Combining your email marketing with CRM lets you better track the way emails perform.

Check which clicks led to purchases. Analyze the data to spot any patterns. Double-down on whatever works well.

And work out how to fix what doesn’t.

4. Spend More Time on Leads Who Want to Buy:

It’s not true that any lead is a good lead. The best leads are the ones who are ready to buy.

Using CRM with marketing automation helps you pinpoint who they are. Track how long they spend on your website. Or check how often they click links.

Leads who click all your links are more likely to buy. As are leads who spend time on your site.

Filtering these leads helps save your sales team time. They can focus on leads more likely to buy.

5. Revive Leads That Have Gone Cold:

Not all leads will unsubscribe from your emails. But they may stop clicking links or opening them at all.

That doesn’t mean they’re useless to you. Keep dripping information through your marketing automation. Run specific re-engagement campaigns to renew their interest in your product.

When they engage with you, any interaction will flag them as a lead in the CRM software for the sales team.

CRM and Marketing Automation Is the Future:

Email marketing on its own can’t cut it in 21st-century business. Using CRM with marketing automation gives it a much-needed boost.

You’ll spend more time on the leads that want to buy. And you’ll nurture more leads who aren’t quite sure yet.

That leads to happier subscribers and more productive sales teams.

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