Preparing a Ski Resort for Reopening

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Ski Resort

The pandemic affected a lot of businesses across the country. Many of these businesses had to change their strategies as their customers stayed home. These businesses had to go online to connect with their customers who have also gone online for their needs.

Some businesses closed due to the lack of customers. These businesses included ski resorts, which closed due to restrictions implemented by the government. The ski resorts later reopened with the lifting of restrictions in some states.

For ski resort owners who are still planning to reopen their resorts, they should take the necessary precautions before they start accepting reservations from guests looking to have some fun on the slopes.

Ensure the Safety of the Guests

Ensure the Safety of the Guests

The first thing that ski resorts should do is implement measures to keep their employees and guests safe. The number of cases may have gone down, but the pandemic is not yet over. The resorts should also remember that new variants of the virus have emerged.

Similar to hotels, ski resorts should also make sure to sanitize high-touch areas regularly. They should also clean and disinfect areas where guests normally converge, including the restrooms, dining facilities, and restaurants. Setting up a plexiglass barrier on the ski rental counter is another way to prevent the spread of the virus.

Even though the guidelines issued by the authorities mean limiting the number of guests at the resort, guests will appreciate the steps the resort is taking to ensure their safety. This can lead to word-of-mouth marketing, which is among the best ways for a resort to promote its services.

Limit In-Person Transactions

Limit In-Person Transactions

The ski resort can also limit in-person transactions by offering these transactions online. They can set up an e-commerce site where guests can make reservations and pay for their bookings. Aside from reducing in-person transactions, the system also allows the resort to monitor the number of guests coming in for specific periods.

With the system in place, the resort can offer promotions if the resort reaches its limits on specific days. The promotion can provide discounts to guests if they choose another day to visit the resort. The resort can also use radio frequency identification or RFID technology to control access to the slopes.

In terms of physical safety, the resort may need to check and repair some areas in the resort to ensure the safety of their guests. The resort may even have to hire a snow removal service to clear the path in areas with too much snow while the resort was closed. This prevents potential accidents when guests have to pass through these areas.

Develop Marketing Strategies

Develop Marketing Strategies

While preparing its facilities for guests, ski resorts should also develop marketing strategies suitable to the situation. Before the pandemic, resorts may not have imposed limitations on the number of guests they can accept. This changed after the pandemic started and the importance of social distancing to reduce the risk of getting infected by the virus.

With this, the marketing strategies require the resort to upsell and cross-sell its services to potential guests through its website. The ski resort can also offer promotions and special bundles to visitors of the website. Aside from its website, the ski resort should also have marketing strategies designed for guests already in the resort. The resort can continue offering promotions that guests can take advantage of after they hit the slopes.

Attract and Reward Guest Loyalty

Another way for the ski resort to increasing its revenue is to attract and reward guest loyalty. The ski resort should ensure its guests have an unforgettable experience from the time they reserve until they leave the resort. With this, ski resorts should ensure that all the guests enjoy their stay at the resort.

The option available on the website should focus on giving the guests the chance to create wonderful memories with their loved ones. It should also focus on making them want to return in the future. And one way to promote this is to provide rewards for guests who return to the resort.

The ski resort can offer memberships to guests who receive benefits from these memberships. For instance, a welcome cup of hot chocolate is a good way to start their holiday at the resort. The ski resort can also offer promotional prices for members, so they’ll opt to stay at the resort. The benefits the resort offers should also consider its financial situation so it’ll stay afloat until everything goes back to normal.

Ski resorts should double their efforts to ensure their guests’ safety while providing them with a memorable experience even in the middle of a pandemic.

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