Businesses worldwide approach globally renowned call center service providers primarily to ensure an enriching experience to their customers in varied geographical locations.  This way, organizations assure their valuable, cherished customers and prospects that their voices are heeded timely and proactively.  As these services can have a direct impact on customer acquisition and customer retention capabilities of businesses, international call centers must walk that extra mile to ensure highly proficient services.  Apart from offering quick, efficient solutions, call centers must also include Customer Sentiment Score (CSS) in their arsenals in order to analyze customer sentiment.

Customer sentiment score is a call center feature that enables businesses to understand customer sentiments, feelings, or opinions.  This also helps businesses in predicting the unhappiness or disappointment of customers so that they can be proactively offered more efficient solitons in order to resolve varied annoying queries and qualms.  Various international call centers follow customer sentiment score evaluation policy, and they have successfully been able to please or gratify their clientele extensively.  This is one of the efficient call center features that can ensure better customer insight to businesses.  Apart from this, it also helps call centers in getting hold of various pitfalls in their customer care services that must be immediately addressed.

How does customer sentiment score work?

Whenever a caller contacts a call center in order to seek assistance from companies’ representatives, then at the end of that call, the caller would be sent a text message. This text message will ask the callers to rate their experience or share their feelings regarding the telephonic interaction with representatives. These text messages clearly state that customers can share their experience with businesses through toll-free reply provision.  These text messages have scores from 1 (worst) to 5 (excellent), and the customers would just need to reply by typing only one digit that can suggest their level of satisfaction.  Using this feedback system, call centers can conveniently get an idea regarding the efficiency as well as the quality of services that their professionals are offering to customers worldwide.

This facilitates consumers with a convenient option of expressing their feelings or experience with particular brands.  Surveys have confirmed that most customers prefer to share their sentiments or feelings with businesses through toll-free text messages.  They do not hesitate to express their disappointment or happiness, and they willingly share their feedbacks with companies.

Why do call centers need customer sentiment scores?

International call centers leave no stone unturned to promote customer loyalty.  To streamline their customer interactions and day-to-day operations, they conduct in-depth research and consult with highly renowned professionals. Moreover, they also make use of data regarding average call waiting time, number of calls regarding particular purposes, number of instances related to First Call Resolution (FRS), and so on.  Call centers are heavily reliant on these types of data not only to accomplish various functions but also to upgrade their efficiency and competency.  Moreover, in order to improve the efficiency of customer care functions, they also need raw data, directly from consumers and customers.  To ensure the same, call centers have been working hard to incorporate a customer-centric strategy that can ensure their access to data and information related to consumers, customers, or even prospects.  However, it had really been a difficult task for services providers across the globe.

As call centers across the globe were in grave need of an efficient scheme that can enable them to evaluate the efficiency of their customer care services, the idea of customer sentiment score emerged as an idyllic solution.  Using this method, call centers ask customers to share their feelings and sentiments regarding the services they are offered.  The replies or reverts from consumers or customers can be potential indicators regarding the efficiency of services.  This way, call center managers can efficiently monitor the call center operations, besides evaluating the competency of professionals who are employed in customer care functions.  These data are immensely useful for call centers in order to improve the efficiency of care and support services.  Moreover, these data can also enable them in getting hold of key areas that require urgent attention.

Customer sentiment score can be regarded as a key performance indicator which can help call centers in gauging the efficiency of their customer care services or evaluating their performance in the most cost-efficient way.  Therefore, an international call center must include the provision of a customer sentiment score evaluation scheme.  This way, they can help their clients in developing a deep insight regarding the experience their customers are offered.


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