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Sinclair Broadcast Group Employee Loyalty Shines in 2021

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Sinclair Broadcast Group

If you get a job at Sinclair Broadcast Group, and you do your job well, facts show that you will be supremely rewarded for your efforts.

A leader in media and telecommunications, Sinclair Broadcast Group is the corporate media conglomerate based out of Hunt Valley, Maryland. Sinclair currently operates or both owns and operates 190 local television stations in 89 markets across the US. Sinclair is the second-largest provider in the US and now broadcasts to 70% of all American households. The media pioneer has been an intricate part of the rollout of the NEXTGEN TV across many American big and mid-sized markets. Sinclair Broadcasting is also known for its ownership of 21 regional sports networks that they recently acquired from FOX.  The broadcast company most recently saw the coverage as they announced their strategic partnership with Bally’s Corp to utilize their gaming technology to bring a new wave of interactive gamification to sports viewing and media directly into the homes of their subscribers.

With all of this exciting news, Sinclair Broadcast Group has announced a list of exciting promotions for the new year. As of December 29, 2020, the media giant has promoted the following people.

Promotions at Sinclair Broadcast Group:

Among those who were promoted include Paul Nesterovsky, Ethan Haire, Dan Gallagher, Derek Nance, Mike Reed, and Andrew Scholl.

Paul Nesterovsky, the former Vice President of the tax department, is now the department’s Senior Vice President. Ethan Haire will now serve as the Vice President of the Associate General Counsel, making the move from Director and Associate position. Dan Gallagher is now the company’s Operations Controller. As well, Derek Nance will now operate as Sinclair’s Corporate Controler. Mike Reed was promoted to Assistant Vice President of Corporate Development, along with Andrew Scholl.

Promotions at Sinclair Television Group:

Besides Sinclair’s Broadcast Group is their subsidiary, Sinclair Television Group, which owns numerous mid-sized television stations. Among those promoted were Cathy Jamison, Dan Mellon, Atonia DeFeo, Jason Smith, and Skip Felliken.

Cathy Jamison will now serve as Senior Vice President of Marketing. In sales, Dan Mellon was promoted from Vice President to Senior Vice President of Sinclair’s Sales Transformation Department. Antonio DeFeo was also promoted to Vice President of Sinclair’s Agency Solutions. Jason Smith is the new Vice President of their Chief of Staff. Finally, Skip Felliken will move from Senior Director of Business Development to Assistant Vice President of Business Development.

Sinclair Broadcast Group’s History:

Sinclair offers local news and sports coverage to audiences nationwide. The conglomerate was founded by Julian Sinclair Smith in the 1970s and first known as the Chesapeake Broadcast Company. In 1985, the company rebranded to become Sinclair Broadcast Group.  Taking advantage of combining UHF television and FM radio, Smith with his four sons merged three UHF stations into what it is known to be today.

The company, then, caught fire and grew exponentially, from three stations to 59 in a matter of years. In addition, the broadcasting company went public, making its transition from analog television to digital.

Sinclair pioneered the concept of the local marketing agreement (LMA) in American television in 1991 and grew to be the 2nd largest provider of local television just behind Nexstar Media. Sinclair Broadcast Group is the largest owner of stations affiliated with Fox, ABC, and The CW.

Located in Hunt Valley, Maryland, near Baltimore, Sinclair Broadcast Group has been a leader in the media and telecom industry for years.

About Sinclair Broadcast Group:

Many are unaware of the fact that the Group is one of the leading names in the television and media business. In fact, there are very few other companies that can claim ownership and control over the following numbers-

  • 20+ Sports Networks Brand
  • 200+ TV Programs and Stations
  • 100 Geographical Markets and Audiences

Whether it is TV content, digital content, or establishing relationships, the Group has always been at the forefront of providing excellence. There is always some or the other activity happening at the company. They go to great lengths to ensure that they are always communicating with their vendors, customers, and other ancillaries. If you wish to know more, you can go to their website- www.sbgi.net.

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