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9 Incredible Health Benefits of Sleeping With Your Dog

author-img By Sumona 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Sleeping With Your Dog

Some pet parents enjoy sleeping with their dogs, while others refuse to let the fuzzy creature even enter their bedroom, let alone sleep with them. If you fall into the former category, you are unknowingly and for good boosting your health.

If you fall into the second group, you might want to ease off the no-sleeping-with-your-pet rule. You are missing out on incredible physical and mental health advantages.

Top 9 Sleeping With Your Dog Health Benefits

The warmth oozing from your furry friend, the protective feeling they provide, and your canine’s rhythmic heartbeat will make co-sleeping pleasant and comfortable.

That’s reason enough to let your canine partner drift off next to you. But if you’re looking for more specific and genuine motives, check out the list below, which includes pretty tempting benefits.

Understanding how dogs help with a plethora of health issues, you would not just want to start allowing it to sleep next to you but also gift it something as a token of appreciation.

Toys and treats from a reliable pet store like PetCareRx will make your dog’s day. Make sure you assess your dog’s behavior and preferences before introducing them to any new treats. So, go through the below benefits and then start internet surfing for the perfect gift because your dog deserves it.

1. Reduces Depression

Reduces Depression

Dogs are natural mood lifters. You will feel appreciated and happy by interacting with them. That’s because they stimulate our bodies to produce the love chemical oxytocin, which helps alleviate depression. So, cuddle up with your pet and let it be your breathing antidepressant.

2. Relieves Stress

Do you know what the term “pet effect” means? It is an intriguing phenomenon that argues that pet ownership reduces stress levels. According to a 2021 survey, 84 percent of pet parents claimed that owning a pet has improved their mental health.

Nuzzling with a pet produces love hormones in your body and reduces stress chemicals like cortisol, helping you get a good night’s sleep.

3. Eases Anxiety

Eases Anxiety

Try sleeping with your dog if you suffer from anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, restless nights, or nightmares. It helps with all of this, as well as depression and stress.

Again, the logic is the same: good chemicals are released in the body, which improves your mood. Moreover, co-sleeping strengthens your relationship with your dog and lowers blood pressure, resulting in a calmer sleeping environment. So, put an end to your suffering by letting your dog slumber in your bed.

4. Treats Insomnia

Sleeping with a dog reduces anxiety while also regulating hyperarousal and hypervigilance. This improves your mood and allows you to sleep well, thus treating insomnia.

5. Lowers Blood Pressure

Lowers Blood Pressure

Do you suffer from high blood pressure? Then crawl into bed with your dog. It will promote the release of serotonin into your body. The chemical will aid in blood pressure regulation. You will feel comfortable, peaceful, and therapeutic.

6. Maintains a Healthy Heart

Heart disease is the primary cause of death in the United States. However, if you have a dog, you are more likely to be resistant to heart disease. Having a dog encourages you to live an active lifestyle.

Moreover, sleeping with a dog is soothing, decreases hypertension, and manages blood pressure, contributing to maintaining a healthy heart. Do you not believe me? Then check out the American Heart Association study.

7. Reduces Allergies in Later Life

Reduces Allergies in Later Life

Dogs can reduce the risk of developing allergies later in life, although this may not be true for everyone. However, a Canadian study claims that allowing your newborn under three to sleep with a dog lessens your infant’s likelihood of allergy development later in life.

But I believe that putting a newborn near a dog is quite risky. Still, with caution and continual supervision, you could attempt this.

8. Creates the Natural Heat Source

Dogs are a natural heat source. Sleeping with your furry friend will provide you with incredible warmth. It is not an exaggeration to say that they may serve as your heater throughout the chilly months.

9. Offers a Sense of Security

9. Offers a Sense of Security

Dogs are well recognized for their ability to guard. When something goes wrong while sleeping, they’re quick to react. Such a level of alertness assures you that your canine companion is there to defend you. The sense of security will allow you to sleep without worry.

Dogs relieve emotional traumas, provide physical health benefits, provide much-needed solace, and, most importantly, make you feel protected. If you are ready to sleep with your dog, you make an intelligent choice.

However, to avoid problems, bathe your dog before bedtime to ensure it is free of ticks and fleas. To prevent unintended scratching, trim its nails. Keep up with its vet check-ups and meds. That concludes this article. I wish you a peaceful night’s sleep with your fuzzy friend.

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