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Gun with the Wind: 15 of the Best Gun Accessories to Upgrade Your Firearm

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

best gun accessories

Guns come handy in home protection and hunting endeavors. They also come with diverse features to help you shoot your targets effectively. You can upgrade your weapon to include specific accessories for more control and power.

You can install gun accessories in different sections of your gun for various functions. For instance, a gun grip is attached to the pistol’s butt for a comfortable grip.

Discussed below are 15 of the best gun accessories you may consider getting.

1. Trigger as One of the Best Gun Accessories:

You can modify your gun’s trigger style to your shooting preferences. A good trigger can improve your accuracy while shooting a target.

Your fingers should be at ease as you point the gun in a specific direction. Trigger styles include straight, curved and long/short first stage take-up triggers.

Get straight or curved triggers if you want to go shooting in low-intensity settings. Single-stage triggers are ideal for personal defense work well in high-pressure environments.

Such triggers can fire bullets at the exact moment they’re pulled, without jamming.

A two-stage trigger is suitable for recreational shooting and gun competitions. Such an accessory enables you to line up the target before firing. You can even use it while hunting to focus more on the target.

2. Extended Magazine Release:

Customizing a gun to reload magazines faster is a great thing to do. An extended magazine release is among the AR upgrades you can get for this task.

This accessory is easy to install since all parts come included in the package. You can acquire it for situations that need you to be vigilant and act fast.

Plus, it enables you to increase your speed while shooting. As one of the coolest gun accessories, it boasts of a large surface area. The surface area eliminates the need to adjust your grip while shooting.

You also won’t have to change your standing position for every shot.

3. Grips:

Grips give you the comfort needed to make precise shots. They are among one of the cool gun accessories that come in custom models. Modifying your firearm to include new ones can give you pleasant shooting experiences. Common types include magazine grips and pistol grips.

Grip materials include rubber (with or without fiberglass reinforcement) and polymer.

Choose a grip that improves your comfort level and makes you relaxed. The palm swells, contours and finger grooves should fit in your fingers and hand.

This accessory shouldn’t feel too heavy or too light to hold.

4. Enhanced Trigger Guards:

Trigger guards are among the best rifle accessories designed to improve safety. They shield your trigger and trigger elements from damage.

Enhanced trigger guards allow you to shoot targets with higher precision and comfort levels. They give your hands more space as your fingers reach for the trigger.

You can find trigger guards with rubber bumpers for protection against rattling. Such a gun upgrade can offer protection against corrosion, chips, and cracks.

Other benefits include improving your gun’s overall appearance and feel.

5. Back-up Front Sights:

The accuracy of your shot while aiming a target depends on your line of sight. You may need back-up front sights to act as substitutes for your scope or red dot. The sights come handy in an event where your scope or red dot fails to offer clarity.

Choose a back-up sight based on ease-of-use, precision, and durability.

Common types sold at Strike Industries include spike-style, holographic and flip-up sights. You can use spike-style sights alongside red dot ones. Holographic sights are light and small for a bigger field of view.

Consider back-up sights made of durable polymer or steel for optimal performances.

6. Stocks:

Licensed gun owners understand that guns produce recoil when fired. Stock mods help absorb such kickbacks and improve your comfort level. Get an adjustable stock that allows you to adjust the length of pull.

A good stock can make your shots more accurate and natural. Short and collapsible stocks are ideal for tactical users. You may get an ambidextrous stock if you’re left-handed.

A stock combined with a magazine carrier can facilitate quick ammunition.

7. Anti-Rotational Pins:

Buying a gun with mechanisms for withstanding wear and tear can be worth your cash.

Trigger and hammer pins tend to get loose and damage the rifle holes. Such damage forces the pins to come out when you’re firing your rifle.

Anti-rotational pins allow you to upgrade your firearm to keep the pins in place. You need to fasten them to prevent the trigger and hammer pins from moving.

Such an AR upgrade guarantees long-term power and accuracy.

8. Extended Bolt Releases:

Your ability to shoot faster depends on how you swap magazines and clear jams. An extended bolt release lets you use your trigger finger to lock back or release bolts. Such an accessory helps you swap magazines and clear jams faster.

Get an extended bolt release that’s lightweight and durable. Having extra weight on your rifle can be unbearable. Choose one that’s made of steel to help maintain your gun’s moving capacity.

9. Safety Selectors:

Instead of worrying about how you can save money buying a gun, worry about gun safety. Safety selectors enable you to transport your firearm without discharging it. You can find those made for either left-handed or right-handed people.

These safety accessories come in various sizes to offer speed and ergonomics. You can even customize them based on color, model and application.

Get one that feels comfortable to hold and is made of durable materials.

10. Charging Handles:

You need a charging handle to move the hammer, bolt or striker to a shooting position. Your gun can only be functional for shooting with this gun upgrade. You can use it to release bolts, clear blockages and check your firearm for obstructions.

Choose a charging handle based on color, features, and materials. Superior charging handles offer larger grips and surface area.

Others are designed to minimize the effect of blow-back or improve control.

11. Slings and Sling Mountings:

Slings allow you to move with your weapon attached over your shoulder. You can use them to attain better firing accuracy and stabilize your line of view. They come handy when handling long, heavy guns.

Common types include single-point, two-point, and three-point slings.

Single-point slings (used by police officers) feature a single loop and a strap for weight distribution. Two-point slings are popular since they come with adjustable loops for customization. Three-point slings keep the firearm from your body while restricting gun movement.

12. Barrels:

Gun barrels are continually being redesigned to improve your shooting experiences. You may get a shorter, longer, heavier or lighter barrel upgrade. Longer barrels offer more accurate shots than shorter ones.

However, shorter barrels make maneuvering easy and fast.

Find a barrel with average dimensions for home protection and hunting. Materials used to make barrels include stainless steel and chrome lining.

Stainless steel, which is durable, has lesser effects on accuracy than chrome linings. Moreover, understanding the longevity of your ammunition is equally important; for more detailed information on how long does ammo last, ensuring your preparedness and safety is paramount.

Muzzle devices are among the best rifle accessories for maintaining accuracy. They minimize recoil and muzzle climb while allowing successive firing. They can include muzzle compensators and brakes. A muzzle brake keeps your barrel by reducing recoil.

Muzzle compensators work as the muzzle breaks. They facilitate flash suppression, braking, and compensation.

Muzzle devices can improve the appearance of your firearm. You can get them in different designs and colors.

14. Handguards and Rail Systems:

Handguards prevent heat from building up on your grip points. They differ in weight, design, and appearance. Though they’re heavy, free-floating handguards can handle the heat produced at the barrel.

Drop-in handguards, which are lighter and inexpensive, regulate temperature on the barrel. They may hinder accuracy since they touch both ends of the barrel.

You can use rail systems to mount the important accessories on your firearm. Such accessories include back-up sights, lasers, and flashlights.

Free-floating rail systems allow you to shoot since they don’t touch the barrel.

15. Flashlight:

Flashlights allow you to see your targets in areas with dim light or no light. They’re available in various designs, colors, and sizes.

Get one that can fit on your gun and can offer more light in darker places.

Examples of gun flashlights include infrared and LED flashlights. The infrared ones help you have a clear view of the object. They’re designed to offer more convenience than the LED ones.

You can use both LED and infrared flashlights when at home or hunting grounds.

Upgrade to the Best Gun Accessories:

Your firearm can be valuable in different settings when you upgrade its accessories. Such accessories allow you to get a clear view of your target and make accurate shots.

With information on the best gun accessories, it’s time to take action. Upgrade your firearm based on your preferences.

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