10 Reasons To Buy IFB Washing Machine On EMI

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IFB Washing Machine

One of your primary goals in shopping for a washing machine should be finding one that streamlines your laundry routine.

When it comes to household appliances, IFB is a name that is universally recognized and appreciated. Look for a machine that is easy on your clothes, uses less water, and saves energy.

You will also have to choose a size that fits your family’s needs and has all the extra features you want. All things considered, the model you want to buy may be expensive.

Buying an IFB washing machine on EMI is a smart way to make your purchase more affordable.

10 Prime Reasons For Buying IFB Washing Machine on EMI

IFB along with various online platforms have joined forces to make it easier for people to buy IFB washing machines on EMI.

Buying IFB Washing Machine on EMI

Here are ten reasons why you should purchase an IFB washing machine on EMI:

1. German technology in an Indian brand

In 1974, Bijon Nag started what was then called Indian Fine Blanks Limited. In 1989, the company teamed up with the German company Bosch-Siemens Hausgerate GmbH to produce state-of-the-art electronic household appliances, including fully automatic and semi-automatic washing machines.

The company’s name was then changed to IFB Industries Ltd. The popularity of the IFB brand has skyrocketed since then. In India, consumers have been happy with IFB because the company’s innovations meet their needs.

2. Pick from the top IFB models.

The online marketplace is a great way to shop around and compare different IFB models, prices, EMI plans, and deals.

The best models are available at the Bajaj Mall, so you may purchase an IFB washing machine on EMI for whatever model appeals to you the most.

You may check out the most recent releases by visiting the EMI Store on the Bajaj Mall, where they are regularly added to the inventory. Find the perfect washing machine for you here, whether it be front-loading, top-loading, semi-automatic, or fully automatic.

3. Suitability in terms of size and capacity

The available capacity is another crucial factor to think about. You will need a bigger IFB washing machine if your household is large or if you often wash bulky items.

The capacity, which may be anywhere from 5 kg to 18 kg, is based on the size of the drum. With the Bajaj Mall’s filtering options, you can find the right product with the right capacity for your needs.

4. Wide variety of washing styles:

IFB’s extensive lineup of washing methods is made possible by cutting-edge German technology. The structure within the drum rotates 360 degrees, allowing water to be released in all directions.

The agitation ensures that all of the fabric is wet. The air bubbles created by the O2 wash’s design contribute to a thorough cleaning.

 If you have delicate clothing, cradle wash is a great option for washing them at home without worrying about damaging them. During a steam wash cycle, steam is made inside the drum of the washing machine. This keeps the fabric from getting wrinkled and keeps its softness and drape.

5. Triadic Pulsator

The latest state-of-the-art IFB washing machines include a triadic pulsator that attests to their efficacy. It can gently remove stains with its delicate scrub pads. After that, the high-pressure 3D swirl jet of water is turned on, which washes the clothing thoroughly and removes dirt from all of its corners.

Buying an IFB washing machine
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6. Aqua Energie technology

The primary goal of Aqua Energie technology is the softening of hard water. Built-in aqua filters on these models break down hard water bicarbonates into small crystals.

Due to the crystals’ small size, they are readily removed by water. So, it reduces the chance of scale building on crucial machine elements and clogging them. Detergent’s cleaning power is also revitalized by this treated water.

7. Effective use of both energy and water

Every one of IFB’s washers is designed to save both water and electricity. Because clean water is in short supply in India, these devices are a gift; additionally, they are all BEE certified as energy-efficient. Getting a washing machine that uses less energy will save you money in the long run and help the environment.

8. You can get prices lower than the MRP.

Extra discounts may be found on many items on the Bajaj Mall. On top of that, you may enjoy discounts in the form of rebates and cash backs. There will be savings off of the original price of the washer if you do this.

9. Buy something that you can afford easily.

Thanks to No Cost EMIs, you can buy an IFB washing machine on EMI now and pay it off over time with payments starting at only Rs. 1,222 per month.

This not only simplifies the buying process but also makes it possible to pick high-end models and make frequent upgrades if you are keen on employing the most cutting-edge tech.

10. Choose a convenient payment plan when you shop.

When it comes time to make repayments, you may choose a term that best suits your needs. The term of your EMI payments might be anything from three months to twenty-four months.

This will enable you to make a big purchase without having to drastically alter your normal spending habits over the course of the month.

Get An IFB Washing Machine On EMI And Get Instant Discounts.

Now that you are aware of 10 reasons to buy IFB washing machines on EMI, you should immediately make your way to Bajaj Mall in order to make your purchase.

IFB Washing Machine On EMI

You can find exactly what you want by using the filters, and then, after looking at the different plans on the product page, you can buy your washing machine on EMI. 

Within 24 hours of making your purchase, the products will be delivered to your home.


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