A giveaway event became a commotion in Union Square Park in Manhattan, inciting riots and leading to injuries and arrests. Social media streamer Kai Cenat is quite popular and organized an event in the park where he announced that he would give away video game consoles.

In a news conference on 4 August 2023 late at night, the chief of the department of the police department of Manhattan, Jeffrey Maddrey, stated that charges would be filed against Kai Carlo Cenat III regarding unlawful assembly and other probable crimes.

Mayhem descended across the park as young fans and followers formed an uncontrollable crowd. The crowd was estimated at thousands of young people. The event started after 3 pm on Friday and ended by 6 pm, within which 65 arrests were made, most of them juveniles.

The event damaged other things, such as the nearby stores, police vehicles, and food carts. During the event, some police officers also were injured in the process.

The plans for the event were that Mr. Cenat and another social media streamer, Fanum, would hand out PlayStation 5 consoles at 4 pm in the park. They are both members of AMP, a streaming group; hence, they have a huge fan base on Twitch and YouTube.

It has yet to be informed of the event at the park, especially considering it is a public place. There was no awareness of the event among authorities across the city, leading to a serious uproar.

The crowd was uncontrollable, and the chief of the police department stated that the police force struggled to control the group of young people. After the event, it seemed like thFaced Legal Charges For A Riote park had been trashed completely.

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