Taylor Swift's Eras tour is on its last leg in the US that started on 17th March this year in Glendale, US. The Eras Tour has been widely successful and was all over the media and news for all positive reasons.

Taylor Swift ended the tour on another positive note when bonuses of $100,000 were rolled out to the tour's truck drivers.

While wrapping up the last US leg of Swift's hugely successful Eras Tour on Monday, she thanked all the tour crew members. She said these people behind the scenes did all the heavy lifting while on the road with her to make the tour successful.

Among these crew members were the truck drivers of Eras Tour, who were given a hefty bonus. She shocked the trucking staff of Eras Tour by giving them each a $100,000 check as a bonus, said Michael Scherkenbach to CNN.

Michael Scherkenbach is the CEO and founder of Denver, which is a Shomotion trucking company based in Colorado. Scherkenbach said that Shomotion Transportation is one of the two transportation companies used for the Eras Tour.

He says, "My company handles the transportation of the stage and structure, pretty much the skeleton that everything hangs on at the concert venue." However, he declined to disclose the total number of staff from his company who received these 'life-changing' bonuses.

But he did mention that close to 50 staff members received this bonus. He mentions how the "generous" amount is far above the expected bonus one gets. Adding, "The typical amount is $5,000 to $10,000 each. So this large amount is unbelievable."

According to the trucking company's CEO, anything more than this amount is definitely "life-changing." He adds, "These men and women, they live on the road. They sleep during the day and work all night. It's a grueling task. They leave their families, and young children for weeks. For Taylor's tour, they've been away from home for 24 weeks."

Mentioning how this amount of $100,000 can change a person's life. From being able to put a down payment for a house or being able to put towards a child's college tuition. He mentions, "Look, fair wage doesn't put you in a position to buy a home. But this opens up that possibility."

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