What documents do I need to register as a student for ACCA

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register as a student for ACCA

The Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) is one of the world’s leading bodies of accounting education and qualifications. The ACCA qualification is considered as a mark of professional excellence in the accounting domain. You can receive this prestigious certification by registering to study with ACCA.

This blog throws light on how to register yourself to study ACCA course and the documents you will require to register as a student with ACCA. In addition, you will also learn about the ACCA registration process and the eligibility criteria associated with ACCA registration.

Documents required for ACCA registration

To complete your registration with ACCA, you will need the following documents.

  • Proof of your identification such as your passport, birth certificate, or driver’s license
  • Stamped copies of your academic degrees and certificates in English. If your academic degrees are in another language, you will need to provide official translations of the documents stamped by a licensed translator.
  • Evidence of minimum entry criteria such as work experience
  • A fully completed Admission and Licensing Committee form if any point mentioned in the bye-law 8 applies to you. This can include a conviction, disciplinary action, or caution issued by a professional or regulatory body.
  • A fully completed data consent form if you reside in Russia
  • A payment receipt acknowledging the payment of the registration and other associated charges

ACCA registration process

The ACCA registration is a simple process that can take around 10 minutes to complete. You can apply for different exemptions during the course of registration. However, you will have to upload relevant evidence to prove that you are eligible for the exemptions.

ACCA has a detailed guide to exemptions on their website that informs you about what kind of evidence can be submitted. You can refer to the guide to ensure that you upload the correct documents.

Minimum Entry criteria for ACCA qualifications

The ACCA qualification can prepare you for the most intensive and well-paying accounting positions in the financial world. Therefore, the organization maintains stringent entry criteria to maintain the standard of its new members.

You need to fulfill the following minimum entry criteria to start pursuing your ACCA qualification.

  • Three years of previous work experience
  • Three GCSEs and two A-levels in 5 different subjects including English and Mathematics

The criteria can also vary depending on your geographical location and country of origin. The ACCA website has a detailed entry requirements list depending on your nationality.

Obtaining the ACCA qualification

Once you meet the minimum entry criteria and register with ACCA, you can complete the qualification in a minimum duration of 3 years and a maximum duration of 10 years. In addition, you need to pass a maximum of 13 professional papers depending on your work experience and exemptions. You also need to complete an Ethics and Professional Skills module.

Joining ACCA can give you access to an expanded network of more than 200,000 members and interview with renowned financial institutions. Hence, you should consider pursuing an ACCA preparatory program to supplement your preparation for the ACCA exam.

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