The Necessity of Continuing Education for the Electricians in Minnesota

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Electricians in Minnesota

At present, industries are changing. So continuing education courses is important for workers to stay current about skills, new developments and latest technologies in their respective fields. Certain professions require continuing education to understand laws, remain certified or licensed, and maintain their memberships in a licensing body or association. If you continue your education, it will help you to stay updated in your field. It can help to increase your salary as well as your chances of promotion. Many professions require continuing education, such as engineers, electricians, doctors, nurses, real estate agents, etc. If you want to know how to become an electrician then visit the Electrician classes. As if you are an electrician, you need to continue your education courses to renew your license and work professionally.

Are you looking for continuing electrical education in Minnesota?

As an electrician, if you are looking for online education courses, you can research Minnesota electrical association continuing education courses to continue your education. Minnesota is one of the USA’s states, and this online site is verified by DLI or the Department of Labor and Industry of Minnesota. This site provides various online courses to satisfy your license as an electrician. All electricians in Minnesota need to complete continuing education or CE to renew their electrical license.

Types of continuing education for an electrical license

Various license types in Minnesota require to complete continuing education for 16 hours-

  • Journeyman A and B electrician
  • Master A and B electrician
  • Installer A and B electrician
  • Maintenance electrician
  • Power limited technician.

There are other license types of courses such as

  • Unlicensed power limited technician
  • Unlicensed electrical.

You will not get the license until you complete the continuing education within the stipulated time. You need to learn the continuing courses under a certified instructor.

How To Pass the Electrician Exam in Minnesota?

If you want to get a Journeyman electrician license in Minnesota, you need to complete a two-year certificate or diploma course. After completion of the initial training, you need to be prepared to pass the exam.

It should be pointed out that you would be required to pass an examination conducted by the labor department of Minnesota. The cost of taking the examination is a mere $50 USD. You would also need to submit your copy of the Apprenticeship Certificate along with the money.

In addition to the above, you need to submit all your mark sheets and certificates for the electrical education degree and college, which you have completed. The last piece of documentation, which would be required would be a work experience certificate, which your employer needs to give to you.

After submission of your application form, you have to attend an examination. This examination will ask about your knowledge on-

  • National electrical codes
  • Concepts on Electricity (Generic)
  • Electrical wiring and safety
  • Wiring materials and methods
  • Special occupancies
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Tables
  • Special conditions
  • Theories of electricity

If you pass this examination, you will receive a License for a Journeyman Electrician in the state.

How to get a Masters License for Electricians

After you have attained one-year of experience as a journeyman electrician, you will be eligible for the next advancement- Masters’s License.

You have to fill up the same form, and then you have to attend the examination. This exam includes the same syllabus and processes you have followed in the last exam. After passing successfully, you will receive a result where you find instructions to get the license for a master electrician. The license renewal date is set for a period of two years.

Can you grow your business in Minnesota as an Electrical Contractor?

If you have any dilemma about whether you should choose your career as an electrical contractor or not, the answer will be yes, and you can choose it.

After getting your Master’s Degree, you can think about the next level of progress in your career. This would lead you to the proposition of becoming an Electrical Contractor. Before getting a license as an electrical contractor, you must remember a few things-

  • The first thing you need to do is decide on the nature of your business- self-proprietorship, private limited, and so on.
  • It is important to get yourself and your business registered with the state authorities.
  • Get a Federal Contractor ID and register your tax papers and other details with the state of Minnesota.
  • You have to complete the Property Damage section and Certificate of Insurance Covering General Liability section in the application form.
  • If you are employing other employees, ensure you are giving all their details, including taxes.
  • You need to complete the Certificate of Compliance–Minnesota Workers Compensation Law.
  • Fulfill the Bond Surety every business and worker employed need to deposit with the government.


Electrical Continuing education course in Minnesota is important for those who want to renew and maintain their license. The site, as mentioned above, offers various online continuing education to make your career grow.

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