When roulette first came about properly in the 1800s it completely changed the face of casino gambling in Europe first and then the rest of the world. This game proved to be so popular that very quickly casino owners such as the Blanc family were made incredibly rich, so much so that the European authorities decided to ban casinos for most of the 19th century, leaving the Blanc family to flee to Monte Carlo (the reason why this affluent city is also regarded as one of the best places to go in the world for casino gambling).

But what is the point of explaining all of this? Well, back then when online gambling at Wizard Slots isn’t available, people probably thought that the casino world couldn’t get any better, but then a man called Charles D. Fey came along and changed absolutely everything with his advancements in the field of slot machines. Slots are quite literally everywhere nowadays, and it is testimony to how popular these games have become. There are even plenty of famous celebrities you just cannot get enough of the slots these days, read ahead for some world-famous slot gamblers.

David Gest

David Gest tragically passed away in 2016, and the first thing we have to say here is wholehearted condolence to his family and that we hope he rests in peace. Before his death, David Gest, who was known primarily as being the famous star Liza Minelli’s husband as well as for his appearances on a range of reality TV programs such as Big Brother, was an outrageously keen gambler, with the slots being his favorite games of choice by far.

In fact, David Gest probably spent several thousand hours playing on the slots during his lifetime, and he was a common face to see in a variety of Las Vegas casino slots halls. Unfortunately for him, it seems as though he let his love of slots get away from him slightly towards the end of his life, as he struggled with a slot addiction that left him reportedly in debt to quite a few different figures. Regardless, let’s not remember him for that, eh? Instead, let’s remember David Gest as we know he would have liked to be – a passionate and experienced slot fanatic!

Pamela Anderson

For anybody growing up during the 1980s and 90s Pamela Anderson is one famous star that will be incredibly difficult to forget. She was a huge sex symbol at this time and continues to be as a result of the legacy of the Baywatch show in which she starred alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger as the busty lifeguard C. J Parker. Pamela Anderson must have all the money in the world after her glittering career, and what better way to spend this than on the slots?

Oh yes, that’s right, Pamela Anderson is a reported slots lover, with multiple appearances coming in Las Vegas casinos. One time she was even spotted playing her own Baywatch slot game – imagine that!

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