Cool Christmas Ideas for People Who Like to Celebrate the Season

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

If you’re still struggling to figure out what to buy someone for Christmas, then you’re going to need a little help; there’s only so much time left to make the purchase before the holidays are fully upon us.

Here are a few ideas you can consider.

Custom Beer Steins:

Custom Beer Steins

For the avid beer drinker, there’s nothing like owning a selection of custom beer steins. It’s not difficult to invent a concept to use as a custom design to place on a beer stein. Hiring an affordable graphic designer on a site like UpWork is easy to do and the logo can be ready within just a few days. The finished image can be placed on a raised section of a beer stein to personalize it.

There are many different beer stein shapes to pick between before adding the personal touch. These include a Hofbrau that holds 20 ounces of cold beer, a Potbelly shape that’s slim up top and heavy on the bottom, a classic 20-ounce Tavern-style stein, going all Bavarian with a 24-ounce offering, or a barrel shape to make the visual beer barrel connection very clear.

Beer Bar Towel:

Beer Bar Towel

A long beer bar towel is often something you see in a bar or classic international pub, but not as often at home. They’re decorative but also very useful. They sop up any spilt beer to ensure it doesn’t stain the table’s surface by seeping into the wood grain.

Beer towels are available with many different designs. They can be Christmas themed, but also support their favorite sports team, a favorite vacation spot or company logo. It’s an excellent idea to choose the subject matter based on the personal taste of the receiver.

Custom T-shirt:

Custom T-shirt

A custom t-shirt is a fun gift at Christmas because the people giving the gift can encourage the receiver to wear it throughout the day. Depending on whether the gift is personal to them, has a funny caption or a rude one, this could lead to some interesting social situations.

It’s important that when giving a custom t-shirt to someone that you know each other well. The t-shirt has to be a good match for them. It has to tickle their fancy or make them laugh out loud. Otherwise, stick to an attractively designed t-shirt or one that supports a cause, brand or sports team that they’re passionate about.

When giving a t-shirt, make sure it’s the right size. Check whether they’ve lost weight or put on weight recently, so you get the right size that’s comfortable to wear. You don’t have to make it obvious – meet them for lunch or for a drink and note their size. If you’re not good at getting sizes, share a selfie with them and have a friend who’s brilliant at gauging body sizes look at the photo.

Hopefully one of the above ideas hit the spot as a gift for your friend. Don’t leave it too late to order though because custom orders take a little longer to produce.

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