How Faith and Spirituality Improve Your Life

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What does being spiritual mean? The core principles of spirituality are positive at their root. Being spiritual means that you believe there are higher powers and a higher purpose. When you have faith that there are higher powers and meanings to life, your thoughts and actions become more meaningful. Also, you become more thoughtful. Practicing faith or spirituality allows you to develop skills that bring happiness and peace

Here are some specific ways that being spiritual can improve your life:


Knowing that there is a higher power working for good, you can be more optimistic. If something isn’t going quite right in your life, or at least not how you planned it, you can have faith that it’s happening for a reason. A classic example is you are stuck in traffic and avoid being in a car accident that’s happening up the road.


Spiritual Community

It’s compelling to be in the same space with people who all have the same intention. If you decide to practice your faith with others, you will meet people who are on a similar journey and can relate to you and support you. Even if you feel there is no one to connect with where you live, you can always reach out online. Groups like The Way International, post online and are a home-based ministry so you can develop a tight-knit community that prays, eats, and worships together. You may also find people on Meetup that do meditation or yoga groups.

High Self-Esteem

Self-Esteem is a hot topic among many mental health professionals, and there are theories on how to obtain it. While taking good care of our bodies and achieving goals will give us high self-esteem, the goal post is always moving, so the results are temporary. When you believe in a higher power, and that you were created on purpose to fulfill a mission, you intrinsically know that you are unique and have value.


It’s commonly known that stress is a significant factor in many peoples’ lives. Stress is a contributor to at least one hundred different modern ailments. Taking the time to focus on being mindful has been scientifically proven to reduce stress. Mindfulness can come in the form of meditation or prayer and can be practiced alone or in a group. You can start by doing just two minutes of meditation a day, and use an app like Headspace to help guide you.



No matter who you are, you’ve made mistakes. You’ve most likely even used your own free will to do something you knew was unethical and caused pain in other people’s lives. The grief we can feel from a betrayal or causing somebody harm is painful. Knowing that we all have this in common, allows us to forgive one another, and forgive ourselves.

Practicing faith or spirituality allows you to develop skills that bring happiness and peace. By being grateful, thoughtful, and forgiving toward others, you will learn to be that for yourself. When you bring all of this intention into your world, you will see it start to flourish. And know that the only time happiness can exist is in the present.

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