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These Are The Top 9 Commercial Real Estate Podcasts That You Need To Know About In 2023!  

author-img By sagnika sinha 5 Mins Read August 29, 2023

Commercial Real Estate Podcasts

Real estate is a booming business, so it is easy for you to become curious! Did you know that the channels that offer any commercial real estate podcasts help you improve your game in making investments?

Read the article as I will list the top 9 commercial real estate podcasts you must know if you are investing in real estate in 2023. Many YouTube and television channels have visual content on investment, selling, and buying in real estate.

However, sometimes people need more time to watch videos or follow television shows giving you information to improve your real estate performance. So, Podcasts can be an easier way to keep a tab on what is happening in the market!

These Are The Top 9 Commercial Real Estate Podcasts You Need To Know About In 2023!  

Top 9 Commercial Real Estate Podcasts You Need To Know About In 2023!

I wouldn’t say Real estate is difficult, nor would I say it is easy! It completely depends on how you understand and implement it. However, apart from your understanding, it is also important to learn from the insight or advice given by experts.

Real estate experts in the market have a more detailed understanding of how the market works. Therefore, you must read about these podcasts because they are considered some of the best online.

Some podcasts might benefit you, while others are not, as the market is always changing! You gotta keep up with the latest news through these influencers, new techs, and trends popping up this year to stay on top. Read about the real estate economics podcasts that I will be listing in the article.

You must be aware of the podcast shows and their efficiency! However, it would help if you stay aware of the risks involved in the investment in the stock market.

1. Real Estate Today  

Real Estate Today

Bill Thompson, Melissa Dittmann-Tracey, and Stephen Gasque host the podcast! Real Estate Today has been created to provide information about sellers and buyers and up-to-date news.

The National Association of Realtors created the podcast Real Estate Today, which is all about the strategies and conceptualization related to home ownership. Interviews with sellers and buyers in the podcast help listeners understand investment in the stock market.

You will learn about the real estate market as there is credible and critical information related to the market in the podcast. The podcast gives us updates about commercial and residential property. Through Apple Podcasts, you can listen to the fast-paced podcast episodes of Real Estate Today!

2. The Remote Real Estate Investor  

The Remote Real Estate Investor

When I evaluate the podcast show The Remote Real Estate Investor, I can guide you about the significance of the way the hosts of the show focus on investment strategies for remote real estate! The show’s three hosts are Emil Shour, Tom Schneider, and Michael Albaum.

The podcast helps and guides people who live very far away and yet invest in properties at a different place from where they live. The topics covered in the podcast are identifying great markets to support, analyzing properties to learn about deals, and which to pursue and which not!

The podcast will be launched in 2020. You will also learn about expert strategies, case studies, and deal analysis. The hosts will also teach you how to mitigate risk and become an efficient property manager.

While listening to this podcast, you might feel it is one of the best defenses against the steps you might take while investing in real estate. They have successfully predicted past economic downturns and losses in the employment sectors.

3. OverAsk Podcast  

OverAsk Podcast

The real estate podcast OverAsk Podcast hosts are Eric Simon and Matt Lionetti. Industry giants are interviewed in the episodes, making the podcast quite popular on social media platforms.

Eric Simon is well-known from The Broke Agent. The podcast hosts teach listeners how to understand and enter into the luxury real estate market. They also teach how to target Gen Z clients so that you can learn more about how to improve your investment in real estate.

You do not need to download the podcast. Instead, you can open the podcast and start listening instantly from your phone, laptop, and others. Based on the reviews on Chartable, the podcast has been rated 4.9 out of 5 from the total 124 ratings.

Listeners are satisfied with the podcast and the episodes as they know it is perfect for rookies. The way the hosts guide about buying and selling properties and understanding the strategies for success.

4. The Real Wealth Show  

The Real Wealth Show

Another, one of the commercial real estate podcasts is Real Wealth Show podcast. It It is hosted by Kathy Fettke, who guides you about building a portfolio! Fettke informs you about syndicated deals, multi-family properties, single-family rentals, and hold strategies in the stock market.

The podcast will teach you about earning from rental income and real estate investing. The aim is to understand how to build wealth through real estate investments. You will learn about the acquisition of money at a certain time.

One of my favorite podcast episodes is Kathy Fettke’s 2019 Real Estate Market Predictions. Investing ongoing cash and passive income leads to simplified and improved investing methods in the real estate market!

5. BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast  

BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

The Biggerpockets Real Estate Podcast hosts are Rob Abasolo and David Greene, who are quite popular! There is no reason to be shocked; this is one of the longest-running and largest real estate podcasts available. The hosts are also real estate investors.

The podcast show is perfect for people planning to invest in real estate! In the podcast, there are new episodes every week at least thrice. The podcast is one of the best commercial real estate podcasts in the market!

The format of the podcast show is interview style, where the two hosts interview real estate entrepreneurs and investors about hard-earned lessons, failures, and successes.

The podcast is perfect for investors in the real estate industry at beginner and intermediate levels. The podcast is known for its fun and informal interviews! Popular interviews include Ken Corsini and Mathew McConaughey sharing their suggestions and success stories.

6. The Real Estate Rookie  

The Real Estate Rookie

The podcast is produced by BiggerPockets Rookie Podcast and is hosted by Tony J. Robinson and Ashley Kehr. The podcast style includes diverse options such as interviews, solo expression, and answering Q&A.

As a real estate investor or an ordinary person investing in real estate, you will be guided into the basics of real estate! The two hosts analyze real-world deals, answer listeners’ questions, and interview the investors.

As a newbie, you can listen to the podcast as they give you investing tips. Some of the best episodes you can listen to are Start Posting: Social Media for Real Estate Investors and Stop Scrolling.

When you listen to the podcast, you will experience a warm and welcoming community as the hosts create one-on-one coaching sessions through the podcast.

7. Real Estate Rockstars  

Real Estate Rockstars

Want to know about the most trusted name in the game? The Real Estate Rock stars are the ones who create informative podcasts, becoming one of the most successful in the market.

The podcast has almost over 4 million downloads, which shows the popularity of the podcast. The podcast and the artists are well-known across households that deal in properties. It teaches listeners how to sell properties like rock stars!

The creators of the podcast are Pat Hiban and Aaron Amuchastegui. They talk with upcoming agents and experienced and well-seasoned brokers, informing them about their real estate expertise, practices, and upcoming trends.

The podcast episodes are released thrice weekly, so you can learn practical strategies regularly! Implementing as a real realtor will help you develop a better understanding of the market.

They also offer State of the Market monthly episodes, which you can check out! The podcasts are the best for investors and agents who want to learn and acquire knowledge regarding the trends in the market without getting involved in the research.

8. Kevin Ward’s YES Talk  

Kevin Ward's YES Talk

If you are a real estate agent, then this is the podcast you should listen to! Kevin Ward’s YES Talk is perfect for real estate agents learning about skills strategy systems scripts! It is quite critical, especially if you are developing an understanding of the real estate industry.

Kevin Ward is an international and well-known speaker! The way he speaks, you will realize that he is a perfect speaker for training individuals. This podcast is ideal if you are a sales team member, virtual assistant, realtor, or inside sales agent.

He is also a writer of the book YESMasters Real Estate Success Training! The speaker is a good trainer, speaker, and expert real estate coach. You will succeed in the business and improve your real estate investment.

9. Next Level Agents  

Next Level Agents

You might feel like you are listening to your neighbor speak about real estate! Well, that is the vibe or the tone of the podcasts hosted by Kevin Kauffman and Fred Weaver. The hosts are quite relatable as they inform you about how to function in real estate, especially if you are an amateur!

If you are a beginner trying your luck in the real estate business, you can listen to this podcast, as it creates a perfect roadmap for ordinary people to follow and improve the investment game in real estate!

Sometimes, the podcast episodes sound more like a journal than an analysis! They share experiences and real-life incidents and challenges regarding real estate. They share success stories in the podcasts about individuals and organizations in the real estate industry.

Benefits Of Real-Estate Podcasts  

  • One of the advantages of listening to real-estate podcasts is that they provide you with diverse content. You can listen to different podcasts to acquire a different perspective on real estate, the strategies, and ways of investment.
  • Another benefit of listening to podcasts that are about real estate is that they are portable and convenient. You can listen to the podcasts anywhere and anytime! Sometimes, you can download or start listening to the podcast by streaming it.
  • Through the real estate podcasts, you receive perspectives and expert insights from real estate investors who offer unique insights to form successful strategies. You can gain a better understanding of the real estate subject and knowledge.
  • Another benefit of listening to real-estate podcasts is the entertainment value, as it gives you a break in your daily life. Different podcasts offer you information about drama and fun, satisfying your curiosity.
  • The podcasts are also cost-effective, especially when you listen to their podcasts both for informational and entertainment purposes. The best part is that most podcast shows are completely free, so you only need to follow the performance!

Drawback Of Real-Estate Podcasts  

Just like you follow real estate podcasts leading to the benefits of understanding real estate strategies, there are some drawbacks to listening to podcasts, such as limited interactions. You must be aware of the risks you might face when dealing in the stock market.

  • One of the biggest shortcomings of listening to real estate podcasts is that you will consider the stock market dealings as easy and accessible. However, that is not the case, and often, the high capital requirement might lead you to face financial issues!
  • It would be best to indulge in economic strategies such as insurance, stamp duty, down payments, property taxes, and EMIs. At times, these practices can lead to negative cash flows. You might also need help with the management of the cash!
  • The property’s location can be bad; hence, you will need help managing it to sell once you invest in it. People might want to avoid buying the property because of its bad location.
  • You might also give the property for rent, but you might need help with the tenants, leading to difficulty regarding rightfully releasing the property at the right time to get the right amount!

Finishing Up!  

Did you know why commercial real estate podcasts will ultimately benefit you? It is one of the most accessible mediums that help you analyze events, stories, or experiences in the stock market.

Now that I have made you a list of real estate podcasts, you can choose from these options. You will learn how to engage and broaden your understanding of the real estate market and how to improve your investment strategies.

Comment below regarding your preferred real estate podcast and which hosts you think are perfect for guidance!

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