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Step-By-Step Guide To Record A Podcast For Beginners!

author-img By sagnika sinha 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

how to record a podcast

Podcasts have becoming quite popular recently, so how to record a podcast? I will write this article to inform you about the step-by-step guide to recording a podcast! If you are a beginner and are thinking about how to record a podcast, keep reading.

Most of the podcast services across all streaming platforms are free! You can easily access podcast apps such as Google Podcasts, PodBean, Spotify, and others. Premium quality and exclusive podcast streams and offline contents are easily available.

The industry is growing, and this is when your spontaneous and natural content will be appreciated in real-time. The audience is demanding raw, unscripted, unedited, and good-quality content; hence, in 2023, recording a podcast can work wonders for you!

Step-By-Step Guide To Record A Podcast For Beginners!

Step-By-Step Guide To Record A Podcast For Beginners!

So, you are considering starting a podcast but need to know how! Here you will learn a step-by-step process of recording podcasts. There is a technical aspect of recording podcasts that might intimidate or confuse you, but once you have practiced it, you will do it smartly.

Podcasts are becoming popular in 2023 because there is a niche audience for different content types. If you tap into one of them, you will get an interested audience or listeners, leading to using podcasts as a marketing and advertising tool!

Let’s start with the steps so you can understand the content you want to create and how you can!

Choose A Podcast Topic And A Format!

Choose A Podcast Topic And A Format!

The most important aspect of recording a podcast is the purpose! People are bringing all types of content with the internet and social media platforms; however, with podcasts, you need to figure out whether you have a target audience.

Also, authenticity is important because you connect with people with your voice, ideas, and thoughts. It means the audience must develop trust in you to follow your podcasts further or even become curious to follow you for future content.

Your listener must feel familiarity, and relatability, get inspired, like you, appreciate you, or think you helped them! All these emotions will help you strive to make better content, so you must be committed to your purpose and ideas to create good content.

The second step is to list the top topics for your content for the next 20 to 30 podcasts. Then decide on what will be your podcast style! Do you want to do solo podcasts, interviews, or debates?

The style depends on what type of topic you are covering, who is your target audience and your confidence! You also have to be a good social media researcher because before starting your podcasts, you must research the type of podcasts people listen to!

Select The Name Of The Podcast!

Select The Name Of The Podcast!

It is one of the most important parts of the podcast, considering it is the name that will represent the True You! The audience will judge you based on the name of your podcast, so it is an important decision.

Stay calm, though; the podcast’s title or description can be changed when you set up the show on the host podcast app. It is completely okay as well. However, I am referring to the fact that the first impression matters and an appropriate name plays its part!

The name does define your artwork, your content, your branding, and the kind of marketing you do to grab eyeballs! Consider some examples; this might help you decide about your podcast names! If your podcast show is personal branding, always put your name in the title!

For example, Smart Passive Income Pat Flynn, Stuff You Should Know Podcast, Brooklyn Nie-Nine The Podcast, Story Brand with Donald Miller, The Chris Hogan Show, and others.

The titles clearly define the show’s sense and hint at the content. However, there are podcasts with unique titles that keep everything private. They work, too, depending on the exposure! For example, Social Media Marketing Talk Shows, Tech Stuff, The Treatment, SUP Sexy Unique Podcast, etc.

Also, try to crowd the title or the hostname with too many keywords! Many podcasting and streaming channels remove accounts with too many keywords. Keep it all-natural and authentic as much as possible!

Write A Description For The Podcast!

Write A Description For The Podcast!

The podcast’s description is significant because it serves the reason a listener clicks on your podcast and listens to it! They read the description to get a better idea of the podcast content and decide whether to listen to it or not!

You have 4000 characters to work your magic, so you have a lot of opportunities to utilize those promotional and advertising skills! Go crazy, but with a hint of relatable content that hooks the listener!

It is the place where you can use your keywords smartly! Your target audience will be attentive the moment the keywords will reflect the type of content you are selling. Listing the keywords is not the way; you must create a description so the target audience feels bound to listen to your content.

As a podcaster, you must learn about the audience’s curiosities, questions, needs, and wants! Connecting with your audience with your words will be much easier, benefiting a connection with the listener!

Select The Artwork For The Podcast And Finalize The Background Music!

Select The Artwork For The Podcast And Finalize The Background Music!

Podcasts are based on different topics, and the music is unnecessary; however, considering you give the listener an audio experience, having one or two pieces would be great! Having artwork as a poster will also represent the content you are promoting.

Artwork For The Podcast

People who have already created their brand or earned recognition mostly get people to do their artwork for the podcast! However, as a beginner, you may still need to get that network, so I will tell you some ways in which you own artwork!

You can download images, paintings, or pictures that are square in size. You can also use your artwork for animation, design, or sketches. Any art you select must be relatable and representative of your podcast.

You have to consider the visual element or the graphic concerning considering you are connecting with listeners! Hence, your content must be reflective of the artwork you use. It will be an equal element of your first impression to the audience.

The artwork image, title, and description will speak to people when they click on the podcast on their mobile and computer devices. These elements will be representative of your brand identity.

Music For The Podcast!

Now choose music because music makes everything better! You can add background music to your podcast or a music track before or after a session. You can find Podcast music from Envato Elements, Storyblocks, and Shutterstock.

It is important to remember that a podcast can be of different styles, be it an interview or solo, so using music can add creativity! The best way to record a podcast is to create a script first! Keep the piece within 10 to 30 seconds, keeping it fresh and effective.

Further, it also adds professionalism and branding to the content reflecting a significant approach toward the representation of the content. Sometimes, you can also add voice-over to certain sections of your podcasts, so adding music will establish a mood to the content.

Get Podcast Equipment!

Get Podcast Equipment!

There is a list of podcasting equipment necessary for your podcast recording, while there are some you can get based on your budget and quality. Some things are important, such as microphones, studio setups for broadcasting, a boom arm, shock mount, and others.

A certain standard has recently been maintained for audio quality in podcast broadcasting. You cannot buy those cheap $5 microphones because the recording quality could be better. Don’t worry about amplifiers, mixers, etc., right now; start with something easy!

I am not saying you have to buy expensive stuff, but certain products will make your podcast recording much easier and quality good! One of the best products I call one of the best microphones is the Samson Q2U USB/ XLR Dynamic microphone.

It is priced around $70 to $90, and you can buy it from Amazon! You can plug in a USB to the computer device. Go for the kit, which includes a foam ball, a boom arm, a shock mount, and the microphone, of-course!

Test Software!

Test Software!

Do not go for too difficult or pricy software because you need something simple right now! Try to save money for your marketing and promotion of the broadcast. In recent times, several software programs have been quite effective for podcasts.

If your device is Windows, then use Audacity as the software. The software is free. If you are a Mac person, try Garage-band, which is also free. The software will be quite effective for recording solo podcasts.

SquadCast is another highly recommended interview platform that is web-based. The application is quite simple for recording podcasts, and I assure you it will record the highest quality of audio across the internet.

Skype and Zoom.us are also efficient for interview-based podcasts! The quality of the podcast will not be top quality, but it will not be bad as either. If you are looking for low-end performance, these two can work wonders. You can edit the podcast with the mentioned software.

Remember that, at times; the sound recording might catch an echo, so try to have rooms with too many openings like windows or doors. Want to know how to record a podcast remotely? Try to record in a room that does not have any hardwood floors. Apart from that, you can use a rug to decrease the echo.

Choose The Appropriate Hosting Service For Podcast!

Choose The Appropriate Hosting Service For Podcast!

Now another important decision to make! Decide on which podcast hosting service you will be selecting! You will have to check the service to decide on the appropriateness of your podcast recordings.

Dozens of platforms offer intuitive podcasts without extra fees and no messy advertisements or add-ons. You will also get a sleek web player experience in podcast host services such as PodBean, Spotify, AudioBoom, Buzzsprout, Patreon, Spreaker, Castbox, and others.

Start Recording!

You should also decide on the length of the podcast accordingly based on the content and how the current industry standards work! Before recording, it is important to decide on these aspects so that you do not face any issues during recording.

Editing is an important part of the podcast presentation. Listen to the recording, check all your mistakes, and edit the pauses, awkward breaks, and errors. You need to cut them out! Move the pieces around to adjust the sound to make the perfect podcast.

If you have an iPhone and question, how to record a podcast on iPhone? The outcome is analogous to the recording but the correct microphone is important!

Spread The Word: Let The World Know!

Spread The Word_ Let The World Know!

I am not saying it will be perfect initially, but initially, perfectionism. Try to be confident in your content and go with the flow! Once you are done with all the recording and editing, export the version of the podcasts into a mp3 file!

Upload the mp3 version on the hosting services and submit it! Check whether your content is visible on the podcast directories. Once done, let it rip on the world! Wink!

Share your podcast link across all your social media platforms! There are support pages in many podcast hosting services, effectively giving you more exposure. You can launch the podcast like an event or use your network of community, family, colleagues, friends, audience, and others.

Do respond to every person who comments on your podcasts. You must maintain your energy level. Only then will you receive more feedback and have engagement across your network!

Money Making From Podcasts!

Money Making From Podcasts!

Recording a podcast can also help you earn money! Did you know that? If not, then trust me, you are investing in microphones, software, artwork posters, etc. The most common way to earn money is to get sponsorships, advertisements, and marketing.

Apart from them, affiliate with some marketing professional or group so that your content can further generate more audience leading to income. Potential promotion of the podcasts will help you earn money!

Finishing Up!

I have highlighted the step-by-step process of recording a podcast so that beginners can better understand how to start your podcast. You can further grow your podcast after understanding the needs or choices of your target audience.

Now that you know how to record a podcast, you have to start planning on what interests you! The type of ideas, thoughts, or issues that you want to address can be used to outline the podcast. The titles, descriptions, and scripts will create more exposure.

Tell us about your ideas or the podcast style you want to try by commenting below!

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