Commercial Costs – Why Businesses Are Switching To Solar

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Australia’s electricity cost is among the highest in the world. More hikes are expected due to the price hike in gas and with 50% of Australia’s power relying on gas generated power stations, this is not good news for business owners. With higher expenses, these increases in cost will have a drastic impact on your bottom line unless you seek out an alternative and more sustainable energy source for the long-term.

Almost 50% of businesses in Australia have opted to invest in solar power for their energy requirements. With solar, businesses can save money on their power bills and are able to promote and market these practices in a highly positive way. Of course, over time this leads, to lower costs, increased profits and an improved company image as a reward for your efforts towards a greener future for all Australians.

Keep reading to find out more about just some of the benefits you can expect if you use solar power for your business.

Reduce Your Business Operating Costs:

All companies need a healthy cash flow to improve productivity. By investing in solar power, you could reduce your electrical operating costs by as much as 50%. The initial investment can be recouped in as little as 6-8 years and a return on investment of between 12-16% is a big incentive for business owners.

With the growing demand for electricity and the shortfall in the infrastructure to meet the needs of the nation, power failures are inevitable. By using solar power you are covered for those untimely blackouts that can lead to unexpected interruptions to production and have a negative effect on your sales and client relationships.

Be A Leader In Your Field:

Twenty years ago very few people had cell phones. Now, more than 5 billion people have a mobile phone connection. In twenty years time, most people will be utilising the sun’s power and will have benefitted from it for two decades. Stay ahead of the curve and make the switch to utilise this efficient and effective energy source for your business.

Like many other high profile businesses,  choose to be the market leader in your respective field and go solar. Your customers and employees will notice your commitment to renewable energy and this will be rewarded by your business gaining new customers and growing your business as a result. There is growing worldwide environmental awareness and people like to support like-minded companies and businesses.

Solar Power Is Easy To Maintain:

The company that installed your equipment will generally provide with an aftersales service that includes a maintenance plan. You can keep an eye on the performance of your system by using their monitoring software and if things are not up to scratch, you can call them up to sort it out for you.

Automated cleaners, that work like a sprinkler system, can be installed to clean the surface of the panels so that you don’t have to do it. Alternatively, you can schedule an appointment with a solar panel cleaning company to do the dirty work for you.

Solar Power Is Reliable:

Researchers have found that installations of solar panels between 2000 and 2015 showed an annual median failure rate of 5 panels out of 10,000. That is a 0.05% panel failure rate. Quality PV modules have shown that they can stand the test of time for 30 years allowing solar companies to give you a warranty of up to 25 years. Solar panels also have no moving parts or parts that could be affected by rust, therefore, they might never need any maintenance other than cleaning in their 30-year lifespan.

Make The Switch To Solar For Your Business:

Ralph Nader put it perfectly when he said, “the use of solar energy has not been opened up because the oil industry does not own the sun”. Finally, solar energy has opened up, the costs of installation are very affordable and the rewards are even better than we ever could have imagined. Solar is growing in popularity and its use is becoming increasingly widespread. Take the necessary steps to ensure that your business is not left in the dark and make the switch to solar power to ensure a better future for your business, for Australia and for the planet.

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