Planning for Camping? Here Are 6 Ideas for Perfect Camping

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Camping is a great way to experience the great outdoors. If you are tired of your routine and want to do something exciting, then you should definitely consider camping. It does not matter if you are new to camping. As long as you will give it a chance, you will most definitely have the time of your life.

But while you are planning such a trip, keep these 6 ideas in mind to have a perfect camping experience.

1. Invest in Solar Lights :

If you are worried about spending too much on batteries for flashlights, invest in solar lights. Since solar lights can be left to charge during the day, you won’t have to worry about batteries ever again.

Whether you need light around the camp or want to make your way to the bathroom in the dark, solar lights will do just that and much more.

2. Keep Fire Starters Handy :

When the time comes to start a fire, it can be a real hassle if the wood or fire ring is wet. The good news is you can simplify the entire process by bringing along a few homemade fire starters.

You can make fire starters by gathering the lint from your dryer and then stuffing them into a toilet paper tube. Make a few of these homemade fire starters, and when the need arises, light one up without breaking a sweat.

3. Plan Scavenger Hunts :

If you have kids along for the trip, then you already know you will need to do much more to keep things interesting for them. Fortunately, you can rely on scavenger hunts apart from the views to keep a child’s attention.

One of the best ways to keep children entertained and busy is by planning scavenger hunts beforehand. You can have nature-themed scavenger hunts, which can be found or downloaded online. Find a couple of good ones here. Just make sure you offer a treat or a prize for some extra motivation.

4. Makeshift Lanterns for Softer Light in Tents :

Solar lights and camping lanterns are a great way to keep your campsite well lit, but they are way too bright for when you need a source of light for your tent. This is where makeshift lanterns come in the picture.

All you need to do is to attach a light source to a container full of water. Rest assured, you will have the diffused, softer light you need indoors to do whatever it is you want to do.

5. Readymade Pancake Batter :

While on a camping trip, nothing will improve your day than by having pancakes for breakfast. Preparing pancakes are no easy feat, which is why to spend a little time preparing pancake batter beforehand.

The idea here is to prepare the idea before you head for your camping adventure. When prepared, store the batter in a mason jar. When you are finally in the mood for pancakes, all you will need to do is to add an egg and water. If the batter seems lumpy, don’t worry, as they will cook really well.

6. Don’t Forget your Survival Kit :

On a camping trip, anything can go wrong, which is why it is a good idea to be prepared. This means you must invest in the best light-weight tent and camping gear.

Most campers take a fire aid kit along with them, but what’s the point if it is left at a campsite or in the car. A first aid kit is only useful if you have it on you when the there is an actual emergency. You will find Altoid tins to be incredibly useful.

Altoid tins are perfect – they can store a lot of stuff. You can basically have one to store a whistle, a small compass, Band-Aids, flint and much more.

Bonus Tips :

  • Surprise your friends or family with pizza. Remember, any pizza you can make at home can easily be made in a Dutch oven.
  • Use large laundry detergent dispensers, most preferably ones with a push-button spout, as portable hand washing stations at your campsite. A bar of soap can be placed in a nylon stocking, which can then be tied to the spout for easy access.
  • Keep toilet paper dry and fresh by storing them in empty coffee cans.
  • Craft a “portable loo” for your camping trip by attaching a toilet seat on top of a bucket. A 5-gallon bucket should do, which should then be lined with a garbage bag and kitty litter.

There are many other ideas that can be implemented for your camping trip for an unforgettable experience. Remember to have fun no matter what!

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