5 Clever Escape Room Tips to Beat Any Room and Win

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Escape Room

Are you planning to visit an escape room for the first time soon? Want to make it out the first time? It’s not as hard as you might think.

You may have heard about escape rooms being difficult and we aren’t saying they’re not – that’s what makes them so fun! But there are ways to give yourself an edge and get out faster.

Escape rooms are huge in the US right now, so it’s time for you to give it a try. Read on for 5 escape room tips to beat the room and make it out in record time.

1. Play with People You Know:

Playing an escape room is best when you play with people you already know and like. Whether it’s with friends or as part of a work party, stick with people you know.

It lays the groundwork for effective communication and makes it less likely you’ll clash with each other.

If you play with people you don’t know so well, you don’t know each other’s communication styles. This leads to misunderstandings and will hinder your progress in the room.

2. Don’t Play with Too Many People:

Another good rule for playing in an escape room is to not play with too many people. The room might have a limit of 10 people but you should always play with less than the limit.

Too many people will crowd the room and there won’t be enough for everyone to work on. People will get in the way and this will lead to frustrations, which is never fun.

A smaller team means you can communicate better and find/solve clues faster.

3. Delegate to Different Clues:

You might find a clue that leaves you scratching your heads and it can take up everyone’s attention. But try not to get hung up on one clue for too long.

Instead, delegate members of the team to different clues. This way you can find and solve more puzzles in a shorter space of time.

These clues might fit together and you can only solve them when you find others in the room.

4. Ask for Help:

It’s not cheating or admitting defeat when you ask your game host for help. They’re there to offer hints to help you progress in the game, so use them!

You might be on the very cusp of a breakthrough with a clue and the host can help you figure it out. Or, you might be too focused on the wrong thing and they can guide you away from it.

Try to ask your questions at the start of the game and it’ll help you save time and solve clues faster.

5. Listen to Your Host:

Before you even set foot in the room, pay close attention to what your host is saying.

They might let some little hints drop that only make sense when you start playing the game. They might also give you hints in the game that could help you out in a big way.

These Escape Room Tips Will Help You Out:

Escape rooms are a lot of fun and whether it’s your first time or one of many, these escape room tips can help you out. Following these 5 tips will help you through your next game and could ensure you get out in your best time yet.

Looking for more gaming tips? Check out our gaming blogs for some more useful advice.

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