Your Essential Guide to Mala Beads and tips for More Fulfilling Life

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Mala Beads

Many individuals would like nothing more than to achieve a better balance and send their positive energy out into the world. This is why the power of meditation and self-awareness is essential, and a better awareness of yourself and your aims is the key to achieving the life you want (and need). There are your intentions as well – what do you really want in life? What is your objective? How can you center your objective, deal with your own challenges and weaknesses, and accomplish your goals and get inner peace and healing? One way you can achieve is through constant meditation – and you can definitely bring your meditation to another level with Mala beads. Mala bead bracelets and necklaces have been used for centuries, and if you want enhanced devotion and meditation, you should take advantage of them as well. Here is your essential guide to Mala beads and how they can help you have a more fulfilling life.

What are they?

While you may already have a good idea of what Mala beads are and what they are made from, you may not have a clear view of their significance in your prayer and meditation life. Mala beads, or Malas, can come as bracelets or necklaces, and they hold a certain amount of significance to the wearer, depending on where the Malas comes from and the power they have.

Traditionally, Malas (which also means ‘garland’ in Hindu) is comprised of a total of 108 Mala beads which are then strung together and combined with a guru bead, which is placed in the center. The guru bead is a gemstone with healing properties as well. The significance of the guru bead is apparent – it not only has healing properties, but it can also serve as your guide or marker when you meditate and repeat mantras. Mala beads are also made with sacred materials, which include rosewood, sandalwood, whitewood, and Rudraksha seeds.

How to use Mala beads

One common way of using Mala beads is to track a meditation mantra or ‘japa’. When you repeat a mantra or recitation (like ‘om’) or another personal meditation word or mantra, this can bring your meditation to a deeper level as you touch each of the Mala’s beads. Praying or meditating with Mala beads is similar to praying with a rosary, and the Mala beads can help calm your mind, deepen your breathing, and even regulate your blood pressure as you meditate. The Mala can help re-direct your concentration and help you focus not on your daily cares and worries but on a more spiritual and positive thought pattern.

Choosing your Mala beads

Mala beads come in different variations and combinations, but if you want the best results, you should choose Malas based on your intuition and intention. Your intuition will tell whether a Mala is a good choice for you – if you feel it in your gut, then it’s probably the Mala calling out to you. Sometimes, the first Mala which attracts you is the best choice as well. But you can also choose a Mala based on your intentions – what do you want in life, and what are your goals? What are the challenges which keep you from achieving the balance and energy you need? You should first determine your intention and then use this as a basis for selecting the right Mala for you.

Mala beads come as bracelets and necklaces, and you can choose gemstones ranging from Amazonite to White Jade, Opalite, clear Quartz, Black Lava, and more. You can also choose based on color, from aqua to black to brown, green, purple, rose gold, silver, and blue. And whether your intention is to have peace, healing, positivity, protection, strength, or spirituality, you can find the perfect combination which can change your life in many ways.

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