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Top 5 Tips for Landscaping Your Yard

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Landscaping Your Yard

With so many variables in do-it-yourself landscaping such as budget, climate, and your design tastes and skills, it might be hard to know where to start. There are a few steps you can take that are sound advice. Discover these top five tips you can use to create your own beautifully landscaped yard.

1. Consolidate Annuals

Consolidate your annuals by planting them in decorative pots, and place them throughout your yard. Since containers are easy to move around, it’s a great way to make a big impact on a small scale.

Place potted annuals in high-visibility locations. Use long-bloomers like daylilies near the mailbox and entryway. For maximum impact, move them to the patio for your next garden party.

For an added pop of color, coordinate your annuals with the season. Pot pink begonias in the warmer months of spring and summer. Switch to festive red geraniums and yellow marigolds for an eye-catching display in the fall.

2. Plant for Year-Round Interest

Landscaping your yard is a year-round endeavor. Make sure your garden delivers interest in every season by following a well-researched plan.

Your overall goal is to have a few flowering trees — such as lilac or hydrangea — bloom throughout spring and summer. Plant vibrant autumn foliage in the fall that also offers good structure all winter. By mixing annuals and perennials, you’re sure to have continuous color throughout the year.

3. Design a Low-Maintenance Yard

You want a beautiful yard, but you don’t necessarily want to be a weekend slave to your landscaping. Be sensible when planning your garden, and always consider maintenance. Beautiful or not, if your yard creates a ton of work, you’re more likely to abandon it for more enjoyable endeavors.

Opt for low-maintenance perennials like daisies that automatically bloom every year, and plant drought-resistant varieties like aromatic lavender. During busy summer months, these plants are more forgiving if you forget to water them.

4. Use the Right Tools

When it comes to garden tools, only buy good quality products. Weekend DIY-ers don’t need the best hoses and shovels on the market, but cheap tools are more likely to break the first day on the job.

Save time and money by investing in good quality work boots, too. Nothing’s more important than your feet, and when you drop that retaining wall block on your toes or step on that errant nail, you’ll be glad for the added protection.

5. Install a Water Feature

Every good landscape design is anchored by a focal point, like a pond or waterfall. Not only are water features visually appealing, but the peaceful sound of cascading water is also soothing.

Most fountains are inexpensive and come with a complete kit that includes a pre-formed plastic liner, a pump, and all the necessary tubing. They’re surprisingly easy to install, too.

Spend less time taking care of your yard and more time relaxing in it. These five techniques are used by professional landscapers to make quick work of outdoor tasks. Try them in your garden today.

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