Ideas for the Perfect Work Staff Party

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Work Staff Party

You have been tasked with organizing for a work staff party, a meet and greet function for clients or just the end of year Christmas party. This exercise can put you under a lot of pressure, especially if it’s your first time in charge. This stress only increases if you have been given very little time to come up with an event. Every co-worker’s expectation is different and therefore you have to look for something that would accommodate everyone.

This article seeks to give you an idea on how to throw that ultimate party.

Sumo throws down:

This is an ancient Japanese wrestling game involving a 15-meter diameter ring where the wrestlers are supposed to show up their energy by throwing one another out of the ring. With this game, you need to have a budget for renting the sumo-sized bodysuits. The sport is very enjoyable; you experience its beauty and grace without much sacrifice. It is a great way for even the most introverted workers to throw their weight around, hidden in a safely padded suit.

Escape room adventure:

An escape room gives the team members an opportunity to unravel the exit, thinking and planning together. Not only is it fun, but also enhances the power of teamwork in a relaxed and exciting environment. Here you and your members are trapped in a room and are expected to get out in an hour. It is through solving cryptic puzzles and clues that you find your way out. This game is fun, perfect for augmenting teamwork, and problem-solving. The essence here is if you ever want to see the outside again, you’d better start working together. This is one of the fun games you could organize for your staff.

Theme bowling night:

Book a night for your team at the local bowling alley. It is such a simple venture that anyone can participate in. It is also challenging enough to bring out the team’s competitive side. It involves dividing the members into like six groups each with its unique themes and costumes and you award the best-dressed bowlers. Fun for everyone!

Book a river cruise:

Getting some fresh air out on the open water can be a unique and fun event for the workers. It gets them away from the office and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, with a private function set amongst beautiful surroundings. With a party boat such as Williamstown Charters, you can organize your own drinks, food, and music or get them to cater to the whole event.

Some sumptuous breakfast party in the office:

There is always a misconception that a party should begin at noon. Get some nice breakfast; some Acai smoothie, bowls, and a coffee bar to start off the party. Look for a good local vendor and negotiate for some discounts- someone who runs a coffee shop or juice bar. As the team enjoys the delicious breakfast, the vendor has the potential of getting new customers. This is a perfect way of fuelling an employee’s day and thus making their day productive. This is also a better way of kicking off celebrations later in the day.


Here you encourage the employees to dress in their casual gear. Here, some will come dressed for football, basketball, cricket and all kind of sports. Then you can culminate the day by organizing a sports match during the party with pizzas, coffee, and all sorts of.

When you have been chosen to organize for your work team party, it is an opportunity for you to showcase your creativity. Look at all the interesting options to ensure everyone gets involved and has a fun time.

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