How To Have The Perfect Family Christmas

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

Christmas time is always more magical when there are children in the picture. You can finally indulge all those festive fantasies and get cosy and comfortable with your loved ones while taking a well-deserved break from the hard work from the real world. Follow these festive tips if you want this year’s holiday season to be even better than ever before.

Add a touch of Santa magic

Anything you can do to feed into the Santa magic will make the holidays even more special for your little ones. Kids love to get into the mythology and excitement of Santa’s visit, so make sure they have plenty to look forward to. Get them personalised santa sacks so they feel like their gifts have arrived directly from the North Pole, and set up plenty of snacks for the kids to leave out for the big man himself.

Practice dinner ahead of time

Not everybody buys into the roast dinner tradition over the holidays, but if you want your day to feel truly special, a full roast definitely helps. If you’re a little unsure about your cooking skills, take the time to practice making rehearsal roast dinners in the lead-up to Christmas. The family will love tucking into a tasty meal, and you’ll be able to ensure that everything goes smoothly when the real day arrives.

Go shopping early

Christmas shopping can be far more stressful than fun if you leave it to the last minute. Avoid the rush by doing the gift shopping far in advance. This way, all of your presents will be wrapped and ready to go long before you need to start worrying about it, and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the holiday season without being overwhelmed by stress and anxiety.

Make your home feel festive

There’s nothing better than a home that feels totally in the Christmas spirit during the holidays. Ignore any worries about decorations being childish or tacky and go wild this year. You can find tasteful, sophisticated festive décor designs easily online if you want to try something a bit more fashion-forward, or simply take out the tinsel and snowflake chains and let the kids cover the house in Christmas

Bake holiday treats

Who can forget the childhood memory of the smell of cinnamon and sugar baking over Christmas? Make sure your kids associate the holidays with delicious, festive treats by baking up a storm. Get them involved so they can learn to cook alongside you, and serve up tasty holiday snacks in the lead-up to Christmas so everyone knows this is a special time of the year.

Give back to others

While enjoying your lifestyle and time at home together as a family is a wonderful way to spend Christmas, help your kids learn the true meaning of the holiday season if you want things to be absolutely perfect. Organise a family volunteering day or package up Christmas presents for less fortunate children.

Make an old-fashioned gingerbread house

When you do your Christmas baking, don’t neglect the classic gingerbread house. They’re tons of fun for kids to create and can be used as a beautiful decoration or centrepiece on Christmas Day. Just make sure nobody gives in and devours it before the holidays are over.

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