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Internet privacy is a constantly growing concern that instills fear into the minds of tech-savvy web surfers that understand the necessity for humane technology. As the push for efficiency and convenience continues, the acceleration of progress comes at a steadily increasing cost of security and anonymity.

Because the days of internet anonymity are long gone, many users predict a dystopian future, while some claim such prediction is already coming into fruition.

Even if web surfers dislike the services of popular products, entertainment platforms, and social networks, the goal of these systems has shifted from serving the customer to ingraining addictive patterns to maximize usage time. With no regard to a consumer’s well-being, they measure success by public and personal data accumulation and later sell it to third-party advertisers.

Constantly improving algorithms that can rebuild large portions of a consumer’s life and even utilize this knowledge for manipulation show terrifying signs of rapid technological advancement without regulation.

We believe that as long as the necessity for humane technology keeps getting neglected, an individual has to actively pursue and understand the tools that will help them skew the digital footprint.

In this article, we will focus on the initial step that will help you take back a portion of your privacy – changing your IP address. While it may seem like a simple step, it opens a whole new world of unique opportunities that are usually restricted due to certain limitations.

To easily manipulate the network identity, we will discuss the functionality of a residential proxy and how certain IP changes affect your browsing experience. While residential proxies are more expensive than data center servers, that does not make them superior in every situation.

Read more if you want to learn the differences between the two types and what advantages come from changing your IP address with a proxy!

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Proxy servers – more than IP changers

Proxy servers - more than IP changers

A big variety of legitimate proxy server providers exists due to the high demand for intermediary servers. Just by knowing your IP address, hackers or malicious third parties can determine your approximate location, and attempt attacks to breach your network.

Proxy servers are not simple IP changers – they can also serve a reverse function of a gatekeeper that accepts connection requests instead of your IP address.

With the help of a legitimate proxy provider, you will be able to choose from large pools of proxy IPs with locations from most countries around the globe. For simple protection, the choice of a country is irrelevant but such flexibility is valuable for accessing geo-blocked websites or changing the contents of other websites that offer different material based on your location, e.g. Netflix shows.

A good proxy server provider has IPs from different locations around the world. To get the most out of the service, you can scout for good travel tickets, bookings, and other bargains that change prices depending on your location.

Avoid public proxies at all costs!

While public proxies might seem like a good choice for beginner users that never used an intermediary server, we strongly recommend avoiding free proxies at all costs. Because usually, no one knows who is behind the used address, even simple connections to social media platforms can expose your passwords and personal information to third-party criminals.

Even if you manage to avoid private data leakage with free proxies, the accessibility of such servers makes them incredibly slow and unstable. Also, because there is no way of knowing about the activity of internet users that once used the same IP address, you will most likely encounter random IP bans on popular websites.

In most cases, a free proxy is only a burden that will do more harm than good. There are other ways to test the functionality of proxy servers without unnecessary danger to your private data.

Datacenter proxies are cheaper and faster

Datacenter proxies come from data center IPs, which ensures a fast connection for a lesser price, but these addresses are easier to detect and recognize. For regular browsing, these proxies will change your IP without a loss in internet speed, and for everyday activities, their recognizability should not cause any problems.

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Use residential proxies for business-oriented tasks

Use residential proxies for business-oriented tasks

Residential proxies are sometimes falsely advertised as superior servers in every aspect. Their value comes through for business tasks that create blacklisting risks caused by unnatural amounts of connection requests. This can occur when a company or a private individual has many targets for web scraping. Residential proxy IPs come from internet service providers.

That makes them a better cover for web scrapers. If during one of these tasks an address gets blacklisted, businesses can make adjustments without endangering or exposing their main IP. Proxy providers also offer big pools of addresses for their clients with rotating sessions to minimize suspicion.

Proxy servers are not just simple IP changers – they offer a completely different browsing experience that can benefit your needs. Using multiple proxy IPs can also increase the scalability of your tasks. For example, most popular social media networks oppose the creation of multiple accounts on the same IP address.

You can eliminate this problem by mixing up your connections with intermediary servers and start managing your army of social media bots. While IP change is already a great feature, by learning to utilize these tools to their greatest extent, you can also learn more about internet protocols and the basic functionality of the web.

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