Private investigators are undoubtedly an important part of modern justice systems around the world, and they supply a demand for law enforcement and crime prevention in many countries.

Many of the information used by private detectives are from investigative databases, both public and private, that may not be accessed without a license.

In countries like Portugal, for instance, some free people search databases that anyone can access if they want to find a person in Portugal. However, the information provided is limited- and that’s when a private investigator comes in.

Michael Bazzell, one of the world’s leading privacy experts with a background in computer crime investigation and FBI experience, has looked into these investigative databases, and he outlines the most important lessons about these tools.

3 Evergreen Lessons From The King Of Extreme Privacy

We all are living in the digital world. And to get the information, search engines are the only place. But of course, you do not want to lose your personal data over some simple searching. But hackers are everywhere, and anyone can seek their nose into your system.

To get your system free from any third-party people, here are three tips . Read it and learn more about the privacy policy and protect your investigative databases.

1. Removing Your Information From Databases


Michael Bazzel’s book “Extreme Privacy: What it takes to disappear” points out how someone can hide from various online sources and remove information like phone numbers, email addresses, or home addresses by registering residences in LLCs, for example, or using private mail drops.

Every time you require a system where you will going to require a protected one. Hence usually, every people whenever they starts to use any type of desktop version. They treat that desktop as their personal one. But this is not actually right.

Whatever types of PC you are going to use, you need a system which is entirely protected. And to get the protected system, you have to delete the investigative databases from your system first. Especially your personal information like the email id, email address, contact number and home address.

2. The Efficiency Of The Tactics And Techniques

When you need to get in touch with people you don’t know, especially online, it is important to use VPNs and two-factor authentication. These are just some of the tips Bazzell gives in his book, and he has proved their efficiency by creating aliases in various databases.

VPN is not only going to protect you from third-party interventions. This system will also go to give you access to many websites. There are certain types of websites which do not give you access when you do not use any VPN.

There are a certain number of legal data sources for investigative databases. Only when you are going to use the VPN is time-only access possible. The best advantage of using the VPN is it will going to give you an end-to-end encryption facility. So only authorized people can see your data and the other secret data.

3. Cross-Referencing Databases

Cross-Referencing Databases

Probably the biggest lesson to learn about investigative databases would be multi-sourcing and cross-referencing: some of them contain information that is missing from the others.

The cross-referencing database is a database which is utilized by the data loader tools. This is a map of the object class. And their databases are defined by a specific type of schema. ]

This cross-referencing system does not only create a secure system. It is also going to restrict you from entering any doubtful sites. When you are using cross-referencing, you already know what is in the sites. And which types of sites consist of your desired information?

Even you will know what the dealing points of these sites are. For instance, some have historical voter data, phone numbers, and others' IP addresses or employment information.

None of these databases has proven to be very efficient, according to Bazzell. However, gathering all the information from different sources can offer private investigators enough clues to help further in their case.

The Take Home

The investigative databases have their flaws, and sometimes the information found in them is not up-to-date.

If you need the expertise of a private detective in Portugal, who understands the importance of multi-sourcing and redundancy of investigative databases, a good PI will help with the purpose of your investigation and can comprise the information that aligns with your objective.

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