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4 Powerful AI Business Tools That Are Redefining the Business World

author-img By Arina Smith 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

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Artificial intelligence has come a long way from the horror stories of just a decade ago. Now, businesses are embracing technology as a way to make smart investments, free up employees from mundane tasks and allow them to excel, and improve sales.

With all of the newest AI constantly emerging, it’s easy to overlook some impressive innovations. Here are 4 powerful AI business tools that your company won’t want to miss.

Using AI to Redefine the Business World

1. Defense technology

As AI improves, so do the cybercriminals. Anything you put on your computer is a potential target for these thieves. But through the same artificial intelligence that they use to steal your identity and your data, businesses are using machine learning to detect and identify threats in real time, stopping them in their tracks before they can do any damage.

2. Driving sales

Using AI to create a sales automation routine helps many big and small businesses streamline their employees through the process. This creates a highly effective team that utilizes their strengths to the maximum potential.

This customer relationship management, or CRM, programs are designed to help businesses efficiently handle customer data, client interaction, and the ease and accessibility of business information. A good CRM program, like https://spiro.ai/, will basically be a virtual assistant for you and your employees, creating contacts, keeping track of everyone’s progress, and sending out reminders as needed.

3. Recognizing speech and data searching.

AI tools like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home are household names now. They’re in homes all across the world helping people do everything from remembering their grocery list to searching for answers to existential questions. So why shouldn’t businesses utilize this technology, too?

The answer is that they do – voice recognition technology is used in big businesses everywhere both in their day-to-day company running and in their product lines as consumers continue to see how this speech recognition can help their lives run smoother. It’s a billion dollar industry that’s not going away and is only getting more widespread and fine-tuned.

4. Recognizing images, too!

It’s one thing to recognize speech patterns, but applying image recognition to technology takes it to a new level. Image recognition allows computers to use visual information to analyze data almost instantly. For example, this advanced technology gives customers real-time availability of your E-commerce products and provides an efficient solution to optimize your inventory workflow. It is also used to check license plates and when applying for a loan, payment, or any other financial transactions. Additionally, it can improve marketing techniques by inserting specific ads to a target audience.

How Can Your Business Benefit from AI?

These tools are redefining the norm of how business operations are handled all over the globe. With technology completely restructuring how billions of people conduct their business transactions, the quicker you get on board with AI technology, the more successful you will be. Ignoring the impact that AI is having on the world will cost you customers and could even cost you your business.

Savvy business owners know that AI is the way of the future, so the question is: Which of these AI platforms are you going to embrace next?

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