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Home Sweet Host: 5 Popular Types of Web Hosting for Small Businesses

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Ahh, yes! After months of hard work creating your webpage, you finally have everything together. It’s time that the world sees your creation. It’s time…to officially put your website on the internet.

This is a huge turning point in history – except that it can’t happen because you don’t have a web host.

Without a website host, you can’t place your site online and get your branding out there. In other words, your hard work will be for nothing.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can still find a web host and get your website out there, and thanks to the many types of web hosting services out there, it’s surprisingly very simple to do.

The Types of Web Hosting You Can Use for Your Business:

There are a ton of different hosting services you can use to get your site out there, but here are just a few that you can use to do the job. Keep reading to find out more.

Shared Hosting Services:

Shared hosting is the starter pack of hosting services, which is fine because that makes it perfect for start-up businesses.

At its very basic, shared hosting uses a single server to house your website. This server has a set amount of RAM (basically, virtual storage) to hold web pages, and your page would take up a certain amount of the storage.

Shared hosting is by far the cheapest form of hosting, but it comes at a price. Since you share that same server with other sites, you have to also share the same power and storage as those sites.

This may cause your site to run a bit slow at times to compensate for the amount of power used by other sites, but if your site is still young and doesn’t require much space, you really won’t be bothered by it.

Depending on how big and how dynamic your site is, you may have to shop around a bit for the right one for you, but there are options out there for you.

VPS Services:

Virtual Private Networks, or VPS services, are easily one of the best ways to go for a growing business.

VPS services are definitely a step up from shared servers. With these networks, you get your own virtual space, and it’s not as crowded as a shared server is.

Of course, since you have to work on the same physical server as other networks you’re technically still sharing. The difference is that it’s sharing done better.

The one server you share has multiple virtual machines, so even though you don’t have your own physical space, you still have your own virtual one. This makes VPS services the perfect upgrade from shared hosting.

Managed Cloud VPS Services:

If you haven’t noticed, everything is going to the cloud, and web hosting is no exception.

Cloud VPS hosting is very similar to VPS hosting in that your site will also be placed in a virtual machine. The big difference is in the way it actually works.

With cloud hosting, your site is not forced to work within one physical server; instead, it has the ability to function within an entire network of computers. With this ability, your site can pull all of the power it needs in order to function properly. With managed cloud servers the maintenance is in the hands of the hosting company, leaving you worry-free.

This is quickly becoming the hottest new wave of web hosting, so it may be in your best interest to find a suitable cloud VPS hosting service that fits your needs.

Collocated Housing Services:

Want to be your own boss? Collocated housing services allow you to do just that.

With collocated housing, you get to purchase an entire server, but it will be kept at the host’s physical place. While you may not have much control over where it’s housed, you will certainly have control over what you want to do with it.

With this type of service, you can do whatever you want with your site. Have a new script you want to run? Add it in there. Want to try out a new application? No worries – you can do that, no problem. You can legitimately do all the things.

You do have to have a high degree of responsibility, however. Anything that can (and most likely will) go wrong is something that you, and only you, can fix. Make sure to do what it takes to keep your site up and running.

Dedicated Hosting Services:

Dedicated hosting is the VIP of hosting services.

When you use a dedicated hosting service, you get an entire server all to yourself. No neighbors, not virtual setups – just you, and only you, doing whatever you want with that server.

This is the best option for any big site because you’ll want all the space you can have to carry out site commands and to further grow your online presence.

Since you get the entire server to yourself, you also get to have the largest amount of customization available. You can legitimately do whatever you want.

To top things off, almost all dedicated servers get exclusive care and attention by their hosts. If even the slightest issue arises, they will work diligently to make sure the problem is fixed.

Of course, all of this comes with a price – literally. Dedicated servers cost much more than any other hosting service, so if you’re planning on making the leap, make sure you have your cash right first.

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