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How the PRINCE2 Approach Has Moved into Management Techniques

author-img By Mashum Mollah 5 Mins Read 11 September 2023

PRINCE2 Approach Has Moved into Management Techniques

The Agile approach to running projects had gained a huge amount of popularity over the years. It offers a flexible methodology that focuses on the needs of the customers above all. Recently, the success of the proven PRINCE2 approach has moved into management techniques too.

What Is Agile Management?

What Is Agile Management

This is a modern way of managing a team that moves away from the old-fashion idea of a leader controlling the people working in their team. It uses the same principles that are seen in Agile projects, allowing for decision-making to be de-centralized and large tasks to be broken up into smaller chunks.

As with Agile project work, the ability to react swiftly to rapidly changing situations is another benefit here. This is particularly important with more people working from home now. As the traditional management approach could prove to be too cumbersome in this new reality.

Managers have found that they are unable to control their teams as closely as they once did, as they are often spread out physically over different locations. By turning to the Agile principles, they can give employees the empowerment that they need to carry out their roles effectively.

This means that the team leaders also free up more of their time to look at tasks such as defining the future strategy and looking at how to deal with challenges that are on the way.

How Can Managers Adapt to this Change?

Any manager who has carried out PRINCE2 Course training or worked on these projects should see the benefits of switching like this pretty quickly. After all, it is the same sort of approach that is needed here, with similar benefits expected too.

How Can Managers Adapt to this Change

Those leaders who enjoy being in control and keeping a tight rein on their teams at all times may struggle to change to this way of working. But everyone else should find that it is a reasonably easy shift to make. Especially once they start to see the benefits coming through.

One way of adapting that has been mentioned by some analysts is by adopting more of a servant leadership attitude. This is when managers work on the assumption that their main role in leading is to serve others and help them to flourish. It is a fairly big shift in their way of thinking for some managers.

How to Get Started:

There is no magic formula for businesses that want to get started on this way of managing. It is something that has already worked in numerous businesses though. As they take this strategic decision at a high level and filter it down through the company.

The biggest challenge is often in getting managers to change their mindset. As we have seen, this can vary widely according to their past experience. Their willingness to accept a new way of working.

Some of the biggest companies in the UK and abroad have started to work on the basis of Agile management. Many of them already reported seeing benefits from this new way of working. If you want your business to try out a new, more flexible way of managing staff then the sooner you get started the quicker you will see the results. So. “PRINCE2 Approach Has Moved into Management Techniques” read this article.

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