All businesses need a way to manage their contacts, leads and operations data. Now that SaaS is trending, most business owners and marketers are opting for the goodies Software as a Service or SaaS can offer customer relationship management or CRM services to automate most of the mundane tasks like lead management and customer management. It can also streamline the marketing efforts from the company end and aid the developers in designing apps for optimizing the sales options. Small and medium enterprises have more need for CRM than any other companies since they have limited resources and a definite number of employees to take care of the entire business.

Here are the top 5 reasons most SMBs love Salesforce.

1. Off-premise goodness:

Software-based app development is always on-site or premise-based. It requires the involvement of hardware and storage systems. Software as a Service takes away the need to use hardware installations to develop applications. Cloud computing eliminates the probability of facing all kinds of software issues, and it works like a utility device. Designing and building your own business app and managing your CRM database on utilizes shared infrastructure that promises better maintenance and no fear of downtime.

2. It comes with its own AI:

You may have already noticed this, but the focus of almost all CRM is pretty much similar. Salesforce has carved out its own niche by offering unique features in all its versions. Supporting third-party apps, lead management, intuitive sales dashboard, Salesforce pipeline board and artificial intelligence (Einstein) come with the complete Salesforce package for small businesses. In fact, mobile access is a part of almost all Salesforce versions, and that makes CRM platform unique for business owners, marketers, and developers.

3. New features for new businesses:

While most CRM applications offer customizable solutions to specific business problems, Salesforce is always up for supporting new functions and features. On the other hand, you can find several ready to use features that makes Salesforce the novice marketer's dream customer management platform. With a visual representation of customer data and dynamic HTML visualization of the numbers, the newer versions of Salesforce is redefining the way businesses interact with their customer relationship software platforms.

4. High scalability:

The best part about Salesforce is its highly scalable nature. No matter which stage of development your business is in, your CRM platform can adapt to it. Salesforce has fantastic features that can support the growth of a nascent company. Once your business starts to grow, you can escalate from one paid version to another, to delimit the features and explore more functions of the Software as a Service provider.

5. Flexible pricing:

For most businesses, cost and pricing are deciding factors when it comes to CRM and SaaS providers. Small companies usually vote for Salesforce due to the highly customizable packages with various pricing as per the services. The packages paint a realistic picture of the similar price points of your current budget.

In addition to all these features and pros, Salesforce comes with a 360-degree customer support service. Salesforce helps you cater to all your needs within your budget without spending unending hours behind coding and optimizing.


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